This Week in Manga 8/29-9/4/09

Kodansha Letting Licenses with Tokyopop  Lapse

Brigid Alverson of the Manga Blog reported on Monday something that’s been suspected for a while in the mangasphere, and has finally been confirmed by Tokyopop.  Kodansha, one of the big Japanese publishing houses, is not renewing its licenses with Tokyopop.  David Welsh provides a quick, convenient, if possibly incomplete list of the titles affected at his own blog Precocious Curmudgeon.  This news dominated much of Monday and Tuesday.  Check the Manga Blog for a full roundup of commentary.  This wasn’t an unexpected move, as Tokyopop’s relationship with Kodansha has been rocky at best.  Two years ago, Kodansha made a deal with Random House and Del Rey Manga has been reaping the benefits.  While this doesn’t come as a big surprise, it is kind of painful for those of us that were reading unfinished titles that are now left in limbo.  I’ve been beating the drum loudly for Dragon Voice‘s last volume and lamented the incompleteness of Kindaichi Case Files.  All we can do now is wait and see what Kodansha’s next move will be.  Considering how long this took, it may be a very long wait for the next one.

Tokyopop Insider #2 – Webinar Roundup

Tokyopop held it’s second webinar this week, and after a time change and some technical difficulties got things underway.  If you weren’t able to attend, About Manga, Manga Blog and Comics Worth Reading all have extensive coverage, as well as Tokyopop has posted a video of the whole thing, if you want to watch it.  Tokyopop is continuing with it’s video game strategy, as it brings 3 new .hack titles out as well as more Warcraft/Starcraft OEL.  And while there were several new titles announced, the big new was in the old titles finally getting new release dates.  The mangasphere was excited about Suppli‘s return, a josei title, but I’m personally thrilled to see Pick of the Litter back.  It’s a fun title and has cats in it.  Of the new titles, Hanako and the Teller of Allegory sounds the most interesting.  I love myths and urban legends, and this one deals with both.  The title is by the same mangaka as Future Diary, which has been doing well for TP.

The Next Step in Feline World Domination

While this is not really news, I want to give this request lots of support.  David Welsh in his Friday License Request Day has recognized a title I would LOVE to see licensed here in the US.  Chi’s Sweet Home.  It’s about a kitten doing kittenish things.  It is so cute!  I really don’t understand why it hasn’t been licensed here yet!  It has broad appeal, and there’s the potential for cross-licensing with companies like Cat Fancy and Animal Planet.  It’s had two anime made about it, with the second one just finishing in Japan.  You can watch the second series on Crunchyroll.  You don’t need to have seen the first series, and clips are short, only 3 minutes each.  Cat lovers will just melt for Chi, but it’s cuteness can chase cat haters from the room.  Someone license this, please!  Want! Want! Want!

Inuyasha on Shonen Sunday

Viz has added Inuyasha to their Shonen Sunday site this week.  Now you can read Inuyasha, from the beginning, in it’s original, unflipped format.  While it might not seem like a big deal, since Inuyasha has been coming out for years now.  Is it close to a decade yet?  I remember it started in comic floppy format along with Ranma 1/2 and Dragonball.  The other two finished years ago.  But Viz seems determined to finish it in the next year with an accelerated schedule.  Putting it online is a good way to remind old fans why they started reading it and get young fans looking for the VizBIG volumes that will be coming out in October.

International Literacy Day

Tokyopop reminds us that International Literacy Day is coming up.  In honor of that, they have some suggested reading materials for reads of all ages to check out.  There choices are interesting.  My youngest enjoyed Kat & Mouse, and both my girls liked the Warriors series, books and manga.  I’m glad to see Genju no Seiza get some attention.  We so need more of that series!  Aria is a title I’m thinking of trying out, and of course, another plug for Suppli.  What title would you put on a must read list of manga?  I’d add Black Jack from Vertical, Fullmetal Alchemist and Pluto from Viz, and Fairy Tail from Del Rey, just to name a few.  Don’t forget to pick up a book on September 8 and help celebrate International Literacy Day.

NYT Best Selling Manga List

Del Rey muscles it’s way back on the list this week.  The #1-3 spots remain the same with Vampire Knight vol 7, Naruto vol 45 and Fruits Basket vol 23 maintaining their grip.  Black Bird vol 1 moves up another spot to #4, proving girls like books with bad relationships.  Del Rey’s new entries, Ninja Girls vol 1 leaps in at #6, with Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei vol 3 right behind at #7.  Del Rey must be doing something right with it to debut so high.  Fullmetal Alchemist vol 19 holds steady at #9 while Dogs: Bullets and Carnage vol 1 drops right off.  Over on the Graphic Novel list, X-men: Misfits vol 1 tumbles down to #9.  Guess it won’t be getting that cred after all.

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