This Week in Manga 9/12-9/18/09

Arrrrr.  It be the news.

Shelf Porn!

Found via Twitter. @MagicalEmi shared a picture of her manga collection.  Now just think this whole thing is squeezed into a two room apartment.  Not two bedroom, two room.  All these bookshelves also explains how she can keep up her website Emily’s Random Shoujo Manga Page.  I hope she’s got those bookshelves secured to the wall, or isn’t home when the Big One hits.   Thanks for sharing!  I need to take a pic of the shiny new bookcases my husband built for our books and manga.

Micro Payments for Manga

Shuho Sat, the Japanese Manga artist behind Say Hello to Black Jack and other titles, has announced, after the first day of making some of his manga available online for a small fee, he has made 100,000 yen ($1,100.00).  He’s charging 10 yen per chapter for 1 chapter of older titles, and 30 yen for new titles.  Sato is doing this to supplement his income, but do you think this is a sustainable model?  I do.  Netcomics, using the same model as is used in Korea, seems to be doing pretty well with their micro payment system for their manhwa.  Aurora seemed to agree as they joined them and put several of their LuvLuv titles on Netcomics’ site.  And more than one person has said they would make micro payments to see more mature titles like on Viz’s Ikki site.  So there appears to be a market out there for micro payments for manga chapters.  For the right titles, even I would pay .10-.25 a chapter to read.  Maybe a little more to keep, or better yet, a subscription.

Yen Press Gets It

First it was Maximum Ride, then Twilight, and now The Clique.  Yen Press has announced a manga series based on this series of popular YA novels.  They figured out the secret  to make OEL manga not only popular, but sell as well.  Adapt well known series’ that teens will be interested in reading.  I truly believe this is the fastest and most reliable way to get OEL accepted as it’s own art form and not as some manga-hang-er-on-er.  The mangasphere may not be excited about this, but it’s not really us the commentators that matter.  It’s the much larger audience that’s gonna be buying these books that matter.  Once OEL is established as something more the a shadow of manga, we can start seeing original titles taken seriously.

RUMOR: DR Masters in trouble?

Found via Twitter.  On the Anime News Network forums, a user wrote a post about about his difficulties in getting DR Master products, contacting the company, and the fact that they’ve gone silent from Facebook and Twitter led him to believe that DR Masters was in trouble and possibly closing down.  A rep from Rightstuf responded that their company was indeed in contact with DR Masters and was unaware of any problems.  The lack of updates on their website and social media sites is rather disturbing.  DR Masters has pulled back quite a bit, but hopefully this is a temporary situation.  I’d rather see a publisher pull back than just disappear.  Of course, this calls up concerns about Go! Comi that has been about the same lately, with the lack of updates on their website and Twitter.  We’ll just have to wait and see unless either company releases some sort of statement.

Jumping on the Bandwagon

Found via Twitter.  Not really news, but it’s always fun when a publisher shows they have a sense of humor.  Over on the Ikki blog, the editors decided to try a new and different tactic with their book covers.  Check out the re-envisioned covers for Children of the Sea and Dorodedoro.  Think they’ll fool anyone?

New Saiyuki Manga begins in Japan

With Saiyuki Reload ending in Japan (Please Tokyopop, publish volume 10!), there were rumors that Kazuya Minekura would start the last part of the Saiyuki storyline, called Saiyuki Reload Blast.  Instead, we’re getting Saiyuki Ibun, which takes place several years before the first series, and follows Komyo, the man who would become Sanzo’s master.  The magazine it’s being serialized in, Zero Sum Ward is a quarterly magazine, so it’s gonna take a while for this series to come out.  Maybe, to tied us Saiyuki fans over, someone could license Saiyuki Gaiden?

Tokyopop Insider 3

In their lastest Tokyopop Newletter, Tokyopop has announced the date of the next Tokyopop Insider.  It’s scheduled for Friday, September 25, 2009 at 3: 45pm EST, 12: 45 PST.  There were technical problems at the last one.  Hopefully they’ve got that all worked out for this one.  Get your questions together now.  Maybe someone could ask about the last volume of Saiyuki for me? I’ll still be at work.

NYT Best Selling Manga List

It’s another interesting list this week.  Bleach vol 28 keeps the top spot, which Naruto vol45 leapfrogs back to #2 over Vampire Knight vol 7 which falls back to #3.  Fruits Basket vol 23 holds out at #4 and Black Bird vol 1 moves up to #5 as Rosario Vampire vol 8 falls back to #7.  Del Rey has been expunged from the list in favor of Naruto vol 43 returning, coming in at #6 and newcomers Tegami Bachi vol 1 and Inuyasha vol 40 debuting at #8 and #10 respectively.  X-men: Misfits vol 1 seems to be doing okay as it moves up one to #8 on the Graphic Novels list.  Viz maintains its dominence with an 80/20 split, Tokyopop seemingly being the only other publisher that can keep up.

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