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I found this link while searching for an item for my This Week in Manga column.  I was looking for manga subscription services, when I came upon a link for an extension to Firefox that watches OneManga for new updates of manga.  Now, I’m not endorsing either this extension or OneManga.  Instead, I want to suggest that manga publishers, such as Viz and Tokyopop, who put up online manga chapters, maybe look at doing something similar.

I have a hard time keeping up with the online manga, often forgetting about them until someone on twitter mentions one went up.  Having something in the browser that could check and tell me when a new chapter is out, AND what the last chapter I read was would be sooooo awesome! I sometimes spend more time trying to figure out where I left off as I do reading the actual chapters.  It would make a great promotional tool if it was made into a Shonen Sunday or Ikki toolbar and could be used in more browsers.

And since scanlators are always “borrowing” from publishers, I think some turn around is fair play.

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  1. I know what you mean. I daily go through the various legal online manga sites looking for new chapters. Ikki has recently put up a calendar so I can now look forward a few new chapters each week. Shonen Sunday updates one series each week, but I can’t seem to figure out which day, but they at least have a blog I enjoy reading. Now if Del Rey, Dark Horse and Yen Press could put some manga online that would make me very happy.

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