This Week in Manga 10/24-10/30/09

It Sounded Like A Good Idea…

The announcement of Shojo Berry got a lot of people talking, and last week Deb Aoki of the Manga blog tried to get more info on it with an interview with Garett Boast.  Chris Butcher of the Comics 212 blog wasn’t impressed with what he heard.  Mainly he takes issue with the apparent lack of a business plan, or even any real forethought on the project.  Simon Jones of Icarus Publishing (NSFW) weighs in in the comments section, where there are some interesting comments about small publishing and licensing.  Personally, I still think it’s a worthy idea to per sue, but as a fan publication.  By fans, for fans.  Any thoughts of replacing Shojo Beat as a manga magazine a little too lofty I think.  But a homegrown mag with the articles and info that Shojo Beat provided with original manga by doujin/domestic creators would be worth the time and effort.  There’s nothing wrong with thinking big, as long as you start small.

When Yokai Attack!

One of the things I love about Japanese culture are their monsters, yokai.  They don’t limit them creatures of the night to big, scary things that will eat and/or kill you.  They have a wide array of creatures not only from nature, but also in everyday objects.  The pantheon seems endless.  And now, there’s a guide to help identify and keep track of them.  Husband and wife team of Matt Alt and Hiroko Yoda have written the ultimate guide to yokai, Yokai Attack! The Japanese Monster Survival Guide, and were interviewed by Deb Aoki of Manga blog.  It sounds like a great book and Matt and Hiroko really know their stuff.  It’s on my wish list now.  Now, we need more licensed manga with yokai.  There are only 4 that I can think of.  Please feel free to correct me if there are more: Yokaiden, Yokai Doctor, Tactics and Natsume’s Book of Friends, out in January.

Inubaka Live Action Film

Live Action films based on manga has really been booming lately.  Viz just recently screened all three 20th Century Boys movies at Newpeople Center.  And they just keep making more!  This time it’s Inubaka.  This fan service laden title for both the guys and dog lovers has been coming out from Viz for a while now.  It’s about country bumpkin Suguri who comes to Tokyo with her mutt dog Lupin.  He immediately gets her into trouble with the owner of a pet store, Teppei.  But Suguri has a special affinity with dogs, and she comes to work at pet store, helping people and dogs find each other.  You can find a link to the trailer here.  I wonder how long it will be before Viz announces this one licensed.  It’s a little weird (the first scene in the trailer is a good indication), but America’s love of dogs may prove it a cross over hit.  At least in dog circles.

Yen Press’ Creepiest Manga

Yen Press polled people on twitter to find out what readers thought was their most creepist manga.  Tweets had it between Jack Frost and Higurashi: When They Cry.  Yen suggested Time Again, but that’s not creepy, it’s cool!  The winner was obvious though.  You can’t get any more creepy (or disturbing) than Higurashi.  Cute girls going psycho is far more creepy that a guy hacking people’s heads off.

NYT Best Selling Manga

Three weeks in a row now, the top two manga remains unchanged.  Naruto Vol 46 reigns at #1 with Rosario Vampire Vol 9 at #2.  Yen Press muscles into the #3 spot with the Soul Eater Vol 1. The novel Death Note: L, Change the World is another list debut, coming in at #4.  There’s a little bit of switching around with #5-8, with Yu Gi Oh R Vol 1, Fullmetal Alchemist Vol 20, Chibi Vampire Vol 14 and Vampire Kisses Vol 3 respectively, but sticking together.  Bleach Vol 28 falls back one to #10 as Gentleman’s Cross Alliance Vol 10 debuts on the list at #9.  Viz still holds the most spots with a 7/10 lead.  But it’s notable that one of those titles is also a novel and not manga.  Yen Press has been doing well at getting titles on the list, but haven’t had a lot of stamina.  Not even Yotsuba&! Maybe Soul Eater will change that for them.

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