This Week in Manga 11/21-11/27/09

Pop Japan Tours – The Artists Editon

Deb Aoki of blog went to Japan through Pop Japan Tours with several other artists to participate in Comitia and do the tourist thing.  They put together an anthology called Journeys to sell there.  Deb has chronicled two of the days so far with photo galleries and more days to come.  Check out her extensive posts for that “living vicariously” feeling!

Wanna Win Some Free Manga?

Good Comics for Kids, the blog at School Library Journal that covers comics and manga is having a contest to give away 5 complete sets of the manhwa The Color Of… trilogy.  To enter, all you have to do is either comment or email your favorite children’s or teen book of 2009.  If you prefer pretty boys to girls, you can check out Manga Bookshelf’s giveaway of three titles from DMP/Doki Doki.  Just tell Melinda a book she should read, and you’re in!

Is There Such a Thing as All Ages?

Chris Butcher of the Comics212 blog has his say about a debate that been going on at the iCV2 site about all ages comics.  He makes some good points, specifically about parents pushing their own favorites titles on their kids (something I’ll admit to trying, but never pushing), and that there are plenty of all ages titles, they just don’t sell because of aforementioned reason.  He also doesn’t care for the all ages label.  For the most part, I agree in both comics and manga.  All ages is too broad a term, and I prefer to use it in the context of a title like Dinosaur Hour or Garfield.  Anyone can read and enjoy those titles.  But, looking at Viz’s titles marked all ages, Beet the Vandel Buster and Prince of Tennis have this rating, but I can’t see an 8-year-old or younger kid reading these books.  They are much more for the pre-teen, 9-12 age range.  These books are going into bookstores, and for now are being lumped together in a “manga” section, when it would be more appropriate to get them into the proper age range sections.  Manga publishers would do well to think about this now, while there’s still only a few books to contend with.  A parent will be more likely to look at a manga more seriously if it was in the same section as the 9-12 books than set apart without any way of telling who it’s really appropriate for.

End of an Era

Simon Jones of Icarus publishing, one of the few vocal voices of publishing to the manga community, has announced (link nsfw) the end of their anthology, Comics AG.  A publisher of hentai manga (and proud of it), Simon explains the reason for Comics AG’s origin, and for it’s inevitable demise.  It’s really a shame that anthologies can’t make it in the US.  With every one I read, I become more convinced of their merit.

The Great Manga Gift Guide Tour of 2009

When David Welsh of Precocious Curmudgeon called for a real manga gift guide, the mangasphere responded in spades.  Go here for a running list of posts so far, as well as to David’s own contribution.  And if there’s been a bad manga reader in your life, you can check out Alex Hoffman’s Coal list at Manga Widget.

His Face Tore Up the Pavement!

After you’ve watched/read enough shonen manga, you start to notice a pattern in the stories.  The hero can’t start fighting back until he’s been beaten to a pulp.  The was exemplified for me with the series Saint Seiya.  You knew Seiya wasn’t gonna be able to call on his full cosmo until he was dragged through the ground, face first, leaving a long trench, be it grass or stone.  Jason Thompson has looked at this phenomenon over at Manga Salad.  Definitely check it out if you’re a fan of Shonen, or never got it.  He explains it perfectly.

Manga to Anime/Drama

House of Five Leaves

House of Five Leaves is one of the manga titles Viz is serializing on their SigIkki website, and now it is getting an anime adapation in Japan.  This is great news.  I’ve been enjoying House of Five Leaves despite being initial put off by the art.  But it grew on my quickly.  The series is planned for the 2010 season, though no word yet as to which season.  With the manga already out, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear of a simulcast for the anime when it starts.

Bloody Monday

Bloody Monday is an mystery/thriller manga (which I detailed in Wish List post here).  It has finished it’s first run and had one drama based on it.  But now, a second drama series has been announced.  Taking place two years later, Tokyo is now threatened by an aircraft carrier carrying a nuclear device.  Several of the actors from the first series will return as well as a whole host of new cast members.  The first drama was a fantastic ride, and hopefully this second series will be just as fun.  You can find fansubs of these first series with a google search.

NYT Manga Best Sellers List

There is no best sellers list this week.  Even though there is a link for the it at NYT, it just goes to last week’s list.  I find this unacceptable, and will not dignify it with a link.  When they decide to put up an actual link for the week, then I will do my analysis.

Manga Preview

Hanako and the Terror of Allegory – Even though this title won’t be available until March 2010, Tokyopop has the first 15 pages available in their manga player to read.  I love urban legends and myths, so I had to check this one out, and it’s looking interesting so far.  March can’t come too soon!

Manga For Your Ears


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What I’ve Been Reading

  • Rin-Ne ch 22-29
  • The Lizard Prince vol 1
  • Jack Frost vol 1
  • BakeGyamon vol 3
  • Night School vol 2

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