This Week in Manga 1/23-1/29/10

But Is It Contagious?

Love to love it, or love to hate it, the release of the Twilight manga is eminent. Manga fans have been expressing (mostly) their disdain for the series and a NIBY attitude about it.  Shaenon Garrity, a respected writer about manga points out that the themes in Twilight are nothing new.  In fact, the themes in Twilight are not only prevalent in shojo, a lot of it has been done before!  So quit whining about it.  In the end, it’ll do more good than harm.  Someone needs to be able to challenge Viz, and right now, it seems like Yen Press’ adaptations are the only ones with the steam power.  See the NYT Bestseller List below.

Portable Round Table

Inspired by conversations on Twitter, several writers have decided to do a mass round table of reviews on manga titles.  Called the Manga Moveable Feast, bloggers will write about a previously chosen title all in the same week.  Then, a chat will be set up to discuss the title in a more Book Club style.  David Welsh of the Manga Curmudgeon has all the details, and he’ll even host your post if you want to participate.  This sound like a lot of fun, and I may jump in if they get to a title I have a copy of.

Go Comi! Alive, But Not So Well

Found via Twitter.  Go Comi!, a smaller manga publisher, has been quiet for quite some time.  People have been wondering about the silence, and if the company is even still in business.  Those doubts have been laid to rest with a post on the company’s site blog, but the worries haven’t.  It seems Go Comi! is struggling, just like other small companies out there.  The problems are vaguely worded, but at least they’re reaching out to their fans, unlike others that seem to have dropped off the face of the earth.  Go Comi!, however,  seem to be down, but not quite out yet.  While we’re not hearing about new releases, older titles, like 07-Ghost seems to still be selling.  Hopefully they can weather this storm.  Their line of quirky titles adds a lot of character to the manga market, and it would be sad to lose them.

The People’s Choice

Over the last month, Deb Aoki of the About Manga blog had posted polls about 2009’s best manga in several categories such as Shojo, Shonen, Seinen/Josei, All Ages, etc.  The results have now been posted.  Some winners were no surprise, such as Pluto and Kimi ni Todoke.  But, unlike the NYT weekly best seller list, the  winners were from a wide range of publishers.  Yen Press, Udon Entertainment, and even Del Rey and Kodansha America got winners on the list.  Sorry Viz, it can’t all be about you.  Some of the choices were tough, as 2009 has a lot of great titles.  So it’s a truly choice list, highlighting the best of the best.

News From Japan

Tsukihime Finale On Hold

The finale of the Lunar Legend Tsukihime manga which was supposed to come out this week has been put on hold.  The creator, Sasakishonen, is working on touch up for volumes 7 and 8 which put the final installment behind.  DR Masters has been publishing the series here in the US.  With the collected volumes of 7 and 8 finally being published in Japan in February and March, and the final planned for summer, we will hopefully be getting them soon as well.  As long as DR Masters is still around to publish them.  They’ve been awfully quiet lately.  I hope we do get these last volumes.  I’ve really enjoyed the series so far, and am anxious to read the end.

NYT Best Sellers List

So, what’s new with the bestseller list this week?  The #1 title is new.  Fullmetal Alchemist vol 22 moved up three to take the spot from Yu-Gi-Oh GX vol 4, which fell back one to #2.  Naruto vol 46 refuses to leave the top three as it falls back to #3.  Vampire Knight vol 1 moves up three to take the #4 spot.  Maximum Ride vol 1 flys back up to #5 while Vampire Knight vol 7 returns at #6.  Death Note vol 1 also returns at #7, and Maximum Ride vol 2 holds out at #8.  The latest Vampire Knight vol 8 returns at #9, and One Piece vol 24 falls back to #10.

Viz still dominates by holding 8/10 slots, something it seems to do more often than not anymore.  What’s kind of surprising is the rise of Vampire Knight volumes to the list.  Three are currently floating around, with #1 being one.  This seems to imply that it’s gaining more fans.  Is this fallout because of the Twilight manga?  Or perhaps is the return of the TV series Vampire Diaries responsible?  It’s an interesting question to consider.

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