This Week in Manga 2/13-2/19/10

A Picture’s Worth A Thousand Words

You hear that phrase all the time, but then you get hit with something that proves the truth of it.  GodLen of Anime Vice shows how some of the long running titles in Shonen Jump have changed over the 8 years it’s been around.  IE, not much.  The eternal cycle of shonen titles didn’t used to bother me that much, but they have started to get to me of late.  At least they have in Bleach.  GodLen totally got that one right.  I might argue with him over Naruto.  I don’t know that Naruto has gotten quite as emo as he portrays.  Ichigo is MUCH more emo.  At least Kishimoto showed Naruto’s change slowly over 40 volumes.  Ichigo goes emo at the drop of a hat.  One Piece…yeah, there’s not a lot of change except for the addition of more pirates.  But for that series I say, “If if ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

I Remember When…

Ryan of the Same Hat! blog is trying to put together a chronology of manga from it’s early days in America, from the late eighties and back.  There was actually a fairly decent collection of titles back then.  After Robotech though, there was a noticeable explosion from companies such as Eclipse, which was followed by Viz and Dark Horse.  The late 80’s also had titles that could technically be called the first OEL titles, but they were more like doujins.  American writers and artists doing stories of Japanese characters.  I remember many of the titles listed, and even owned several!  If you’re interested in what came before the graphic novel revolution, definitely check this out.  And if you can add anything to the list, leave a comment!

Better Late Than Never

Bandai Entertainment has been putting out manga for several years now, but it was only this week that they put up a website for them.  The site is clean and simple, and is easy to navigate.  There are even previews for upcoming releases.  I’m optimistic about the site for now, but we’ll have to see they keep it updated.  They don’t have a lot of titles, so it shouldn’t be hard.  But I take it as a good sign for how seriously a company takes their releases and care about the fans.

There’s Something About Netcomics

Found via Twitter.  Netcomics has acquired a new manhwa, which is being released simulateously in both the US and Korea.   There’s Something About Sunyool is a romance rags-to-riches story about 20-year-old Sunyool.  Once a poor illegitimate child, she is now the only daughter of a powerful politician, and she’s decided it’s time to find a husband.  Youngran Lee is no stranger to Netcomics.  Other titles by her are Click and June.  The first 2 chapters are currently available, with the first chapter free, and .25 for each additional chapter.  That’s a good deal especially if you’re a fan of manhwa.

March Inside

The next Tokyopop Insider has been scheduled, and barring any changes will take place Monday, March 1 at 4pm PST/7pm EST.  No special guests this time, but with the teaser of ramen and cats, it has the potential to be interesting.  Check it out if you can (I’ll be in my daily home commute, so no viewing for me.)

NYT Best Seller List

It’s a top 4 redux for the this week’s list.  Last week’s #1-4, Naruto vol 47, Vampire Knight vol 9, Black Bird vol 3 and Black Butler vol 1 all retain their positions.  There’s no movement until #5, which was taken by Alice in the Country of Hearts vol 1 from Tokyopop as it moved up 4 spaces.  Yu-Gi-Oh R vol 3 falls back one to #6 and Fullmetal Alchemist vol 22 moves back up one to #7.  Naruto vol 46 returns after a one week hiatus at #8.  D. Gray-Man vol 16 falls back to #9 and Yu-Gi-Oh! GX vol 4 rounds out the list at #10.  While there a little maneuvering on the list, only real change from last week was to switch out one Viz title for another; Otomen vol 5 for Naruto vol 46.  So Viz keeps it’s vice like grip on the top 10 with 8/10 titles.  Tokyopop can use the break, so hopefully Alice in the Country of Hearts will show some staying power.

Manga For Your Ears


  • Episode 16 – Hadley Case Discussion 7:45-11:52 / Trip to Japan/Guin Saga 36:42

This Week at Manga Village

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  • Hiro’s Quest vol 1
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