Yen Plus February 2011

It’s the valentine’s issue, with pink cover and all, but there isn’t a lot of loving going on. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot to love about the chapters. Gossip Girl takes a break, and instead we get a short story from the artist, HyeKyung Baek. I certainly don’t mind the switch-up. On to the manga.

Aron’s Absurd Armada – This title not only graces the cover, but it also leads out the chapters. Aron decides, after much research (reading manga) that he needs more underlings. So they stop off at Pirate Island, where they pick up a hair stylist and a cook. There’s some grumbling from the crew over these additions, but each new member wins their way in. And poor Ronnie just can’t catch a break. She finally gets her long hair back, and Aron promptly sets it on fire. There are some very scary afro moments before things go back to normal. The chapter ends with a short two page Valentine’s day moment between Dorothy and Nelson. Mercedes, the hair stylist and his magic touch was amusing. Vincent, the cook was a little predictable, but Aron’s, Anton’s and Gilbert’s debate about what to do with his food was funny.

Witch and Wizard – Things don’t get much better for Wisty and Whit. They are taken to a mental health facility where they are beaten and forced to clean their toilet with a toothbrush. They are also experimented on, and their powers seem to grow. They soon discover that a book their parents gave them that they thought was empty was really a magic book and with their growing power, they can now read it. But a bigger surprise is waiting for them when Whit shows his frustration in the usual way and something unusual happens. I’m still ambivalent about this series. I don’t care for all the abuse and torture Whit and Wisty have to endure, and I really don’t buy how the whole world can become cultified into following “The One Who is the One”, but I do like Whit and Wisty, so I’ll keep holding back judgment until it hits at least a volumes’ worth of chapters.

Sally’s Law – This is a one shot created by the artist of Gossip Girls, HyeKyung Baek. It’s about two girls, both born on February 14th. One is destined to have nothing but good luck, and things always going her way. The other is destined to always have bad luck, except on February 14th, when some of Lisa’s luck transfers to Dan Hong.  It’s actually a cute story. It opens as a very good parody of Sleeping Beauty. Lisa and Dan Hong are good characters and has a lot of good humor. It’s a fun read and great break from the drama of Witch and Wizard.

Milkyway Hitchhiking – In this second chapter, Milkyway is in the desert, searching for the most wistful and beautiful spot in the world. Along the way she meets another traveler, the Star Traveler. It’s a turbulent journey with him, as he constantly annoys her, but at the same time gives her things to think about. The Star Traveler takes them to a spot where Milkyway is moved to tears by the sight, while he sneaks away again, off on another journey. The art is really the appeal of this story. Some of the images of Milkyway are really beautiful, and the watercolor art just adds to it. Some of the images are funny/scary though too.

Jack Frost – We finally meet Ethan, the head of the East District. He seems to have a grudge against the other heads, and is determined to get the mirror image, No-Ah. There seems to be something different about No-Ah from the other mirror images that came before her. Hansen senses it, and tries to get Jack to tell him, but Jack warns him first, and it’s such a foreboding warning that Hansen backs off. Ethan makes his move quickly for No-Ah, as he first puts doubts about her trusting Jack into her head, and the chapter ends with her facing a figure who looks like her father. While most of the story doesn’t really interest me, this whole thing with the mirror image still does, and this latest hint intrigues me more. It’s the only reason I keep reading. I hope the pay-off is worth it.

Daniel X – Daniel and his friends scare off Number 5’s goons and see the trailer for the next “endertainment”, that Number 5 says Daniel will have a starring role in. They find nothing that really helps them at the TV station and return home. The next day, Daniel and Dana go to school, where the classes are being loaded onto buses to go to the site of the “musical rehearsal”, but it’s another Number 5 plot. After putting a tracking device on the bus, they discover more pregnant women that Daniel realizes are alien embryos. This case after Number 5 is more interesting than the first on after number 6. It’s more of a mystery, and much more fun to read.

Yotsuba&! – Yotsuba learns to make pancakes with her father. They come out looking weird until she figures out the secret of flipping. Yeah.

K-on – It’s the school festival. Yui gets sick. It’s finals time. Yui uses all her motivation to pass them. They have a New Years party instead of a Christmas party and Yui is hosting. Yeah. Cute is overrated.

So, it’s back to the same old next month. There was no Gossip Girl this month due to HyeKyung Baek having some personal issues to take care of, and we all wish the best for her cat. And if we got more short stories like Sally’s Law, I’d be okay with it.

See you in 30! (or less if I get me act in gear…)

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  1. Was there no Black Butler this month? It is a Yen Plus title. Perhaps Square Enix did not grant Yen Press the right to release it online. Although probably because you can buy the chapters at the Squeenix manga website.

    1. Black Butler hasn’t been in Yen Plus since it went digital. None of the Japanese titles that were in the mag are there now, and I think just for the reason you cite. Why let people read the chapters for free when you can overcharge them for it?

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