Manga Dome Podcast Episode 22: Alice in the Country of Hearts

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This week I check out a new manga kickstarter from Manga Reborn, what’s up at Vizmanga, and review the last two volumes of Alice in the Country of Hearts.

Show Notes:

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Music courtesy of Kevin MacLeod of Incompetech


2 thoughts on “Manga Dome Podcast Episode 22: Alice in the Country of Hearts”

  1. Playing catch-up again for Manga Dome. I am so happy you continue these small podcats and I really love the artwork pictures. I do hope Manga Reborn is successful. I am not sure yet if I will pledge $50 or $100, depends on my finances at the end of OCT, even though I am intrigued by all their titles.

    I was very sad to hear about VIZ increasing their digital prices. I really think VIZ had to figure out how to make money from other titles, while Naruto and Bleach will probably end in the next year or two. Also I think it’s a little bit of a compromise of honor. The four other manga companies that offer digital do not offer as low as VIZ. From the feedback, it seems like VIZ might offer regular sales like the one they had last month to appease fans.

    I really enjoy Alice and I especially want a plushy Peter, though I love the clockmaker the most.

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