Viz Media Adds New Yu-Gi-Oh! Series to Weekly Shonen Jump

It seems an edition of the US Weekly Shonen Jump magazine isn’t complete with a Yu-Gi-Oh manga being serialized in it. The first Yu-Gi-Oh manga was among the debut titles, and every new title was added to the magazine for most of their runs up to Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal, which just ended in June. So it’s time to load up the next one.

yugioh arcvYu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V is the adaptation of the anime series which began in Japan back in April. There was a one-shot manga that appeared in V-Jump Magazine back in May, 2014, and which also ran in the US Weekly Shonen Jump. Both the one-shot and this new series are done by the same creator, Naohito Miyoshi.

The series follows Yuya Sakaki, a second year middle school student in Maiami City’s You Show Duel Academy. Yuya wants to be an Entertainment Duelist, like his father who disappeared just before an important duel three years ago. As Yuya finds himself in an exhibition match with the current Pro Duel world champion, awakens a new power inside himself.

Even if the Yu-Gi-Oh animated series’ don’t seem appealing, I’ve found that the manga can be. Even GX, which was arguably the least successful, had a decent manga. At only .99, it’s at least worth checking out the first chapter, which will be appearing in the Weekly Shonen Jump issue out this coming Monday, August 24.

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