Wish List: Aozora Yell

It was recently announced in Shueisha’s Bessatsu Margaret magazine that the series, Aozora Yell by Kaume Kawahara, will end in the issue out October 13.

Aozora yellAozora Yell is about Tsubasa, a girl who, after seeing a brass band play at the finals of the Japanese High School baseball championship decides she wants to join the band when she enters high school. She meets a boy with same with same goal as her, and they strive to reach their goals together.

This series appeals to me on several levels. First, it’s about a high school band. We don’t have a lot of music based titles here, which, like the lack of cat and craft manga, is a crime IMO. Second, I was in band when I was in high school, and was inspired to join after seeing a performance by an all brass band as well. I even started out playing the trumpet, though it didn’t turn out to be for me. I should have gone with the trombone. Third, it features some sports, since the band plays at baseball games, and if I’m going to read a manga with any sports, I want it to be baseball!

The series started in 2008, and there are currently 18 volumes available. I know longer titles are frowned upon by publishers, but this title is by the same creator as My Love Story, a title that is very popular here. Viz Media, It would be great if this could be her second series in English!

And while I’m wishing, her cross-over story of this series with Kimi ni Todoke, “Mayuge no Kakudo wa 45° de”, “45° Eyebrows”, would be an awesome promo! Just like the cross-over with Nisekoi was for My Love Story!

Viz Media, please make this happen!

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