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Jenny's Journal: Pokemon Diamond & Pearl Adventure Volume 1

Pokémon: Diamond and Pearl Adventure! Volume 1
By Ihara Shigekatsu
Publisher: Viz Media

Genre: Action/Adventure
Rating: All Ages
Price: $7.99

Rating: ★★★★★

Hareta, a ten-year-old boy who has been living in the wild for four years, starts his journey with Mitsumi, who is Rowan’s assistant. Hareta accidentally woke a sleeping Onix and sends out Piplup, though not in a ‘friendly’ action. Onix calmed down after many attempts to stop Onix without Piplup. Then, the day after, it seems that Hareta has reached Piplup’s heart with his attempts to stop the same Onix, who seems to be under a spell. After bringing it to it’s senses, Hareta, Mitsumi and Piplup start their journey to reach the legendary Pokemon, Dialga!

What I liked about it:
Everything about it, actually. The way Hareta was eating Piplup on accident was funny and, all the chapters after it were hilarious, as Hareta throws Piplup’s ball far off, into trees, into a lake, and possibly more. Also, in the second chapter, “Hareta’s Very First Pokemon Battle!!”, he flings it into an uncomfortable spot for both the camera man and Piplup. It was pure funny, especially because of the fact that it’s on TV.

Could you make it better:
No, the manga is right on, there isn’t any mistakes. The drawings and the dialogue are what make this manga so hilarious.

Which chapter is my favorite:
Chapter two: “Hareta’s Very First Pokemon Battle!!”, because, as explained above, Hareta throws the Pokeball into an uncomfortable spot for both the camera man and Piplup, making Piplup very embarrassed and depressed. Also, his first actual battle was with Roark, and he also won it, winning his first badge (although it didn’t taste very good).