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Twelve Manga of Christmas: Third Day

“On the Third Day of Christmas, my true love gave to me, Three Sibling Cards,”

Manami Minami decides to learn to play Chaos, a popular TCG.  Her cousin Tamotsu, who also plays, takes her to the hobby store to by a starter pack.  By a strange twist of fate, the pack she buys has an ultra-rare card in it, Sahgan, the Mighty Sorceror.  Manami quickly becomes the target of other Chaos players who want to challenge her for Sahgan.  With Tamotsu, her new friends from the card club, and Sahgan himself, who comes to Manami in her dreams to give her hints, she faces these challenges and grows as a player, while trying to balance her regular life.

I got King of Cards because of the art and the premise sounded intriguing.  I like a lot of game manga, such as Yu Gi Oh! Shadow Games, Legendz, and Hikaru no Go, so decided to give this one a chance.  And am I glad I did!  I have really enjoyed the shojo take on gaming manga.  Manami is more interested in enjoying the game than just winning.  Over the first couple of volumes, she gets a reason to get better, but it isn’t to save the world or prove herself better than someone.  It’s for love and her love for the cards.

I also really love the mythologies used to make up the cards.  The three ultra-rare cards that are the heart of the manga, Sahgan the Mighty Sorcerer, Faras the Holy Shrine Maiden, and Taurus the Alchemist, aren’t a part of any established mythology, but seem to have had one built up around them.  They are call the Sibling Cards, as they were all drawn by the same artist who died at an early age.  Manami’s romantic woes are the center of the shojo side of the manga, while the plot around the Siblings is the center of the card side.  This is a great manga, and even though it’s shojo, I think guys will enjoy it just as much as the girls.

“Two Girls named Nana”
“And a One Piece for the Pirate King”

Review: King of Cards Volume 2

King of Cards Volume 2
By Makoto Tateno
Publisher: CMX
Age Rating: Teen
Genre: Fantasy/Romance/Game
Price: $9.99

Rating: ★★★★☆

A lovesick Manami passes out when she sees the object of her affection with another girl.  When she wakes up, she finds herself in the world of the cards, where matches aren’t simply imagined: players summon actual monsters and gods to do physical battle!  Later, back in the real world, she must take on Japan’s number one Chaos player!

Finally!  My long awaited review of this book!  At least, I hope someone’s been waiting for it.  After much trial and tribulation, I finally got an error free copy of this title, and then after another long time, I finally read it.  This volume turns up the romance, though it’s more unrequited love, and it’s only through the Chaos cards can any resolution be found.

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It is Armageddon!

The apocalypse is nigh, the end of the world is near, the impossible has happened. My local Barnes and Noble actually had a decently stocked manga section! (Cue dramatic chords).

This weekend I decided to go out and see if I could find a physical copy of King of Cards Volume 2. I’m not getting this one again sight unseen. My youngest was going to a birthday party, so I thought after dropping her off, we could drive down to the nearest Borders, which is about 20 minutes away. A check of their stock online said they might have it in stock. I had already written off Barnes and Noble. The one by us always has really lousy selection and the shelves are badly maintained. But, on a whim, I checked out the B&N website, and they said our local one might have it as well.

Well, B&N was on the way home, and a whole lot closer than Borders, so I decided to take the chance. (And, I had a gift card for B&N, just in case.) So, we stopped and went to the back of the store, and to my utter surprise, the shelves were full! OMG! (as my kids would say) I was stunned for a moment that not only were the shelves stocked, but I could see them! No manga-cows were blocking the shelves! I could’t believe my eyes.

I immediately went to the other side (our manga section is a single four shelf, standing alone in the back) to the K’s. Shock again! Not only did they have some CMX titles in stock, but they had King of Cards Volume 2! And, it didn’t have printing error that I had already been hit with twice! There was something wrong. Things never go this right for me. It had to be a sign. A sign that the end was coming.

I now have my working volume, and am working at getting a credit for my printing error copy from the store I bought it from. I want to thank Johanna Draper Carlson of Comics Worth Reading, for trying to get the word out about my problem. But, apparently I AM the only person who will admit to reading this series.

I will be posting a review of this second book. Before the world ends.

Why Quality Control Matters

I don’t know if it’s just me, or if I’m the only person left reading this manga, and I don’t want to beat on CMX, since they have been making inroads for bringing out new, good manga, but this has really been bothering me.

One of the series’ CMX is releasing is King of Cards, a kind of shojo version of Yu Gi Oh!, but not really. It’s a good series, with enough tweaks to make it different from the other card game manga. Well, I finally got around to reading Volume 2. I got King of Cards Volume 2about 2/3 of the way through the book, right at the climax of the main game of the book. It’s the page where the heroine stands up, proclaiming “I Win!”, but her opponent just smirks and…it immediately repeats the last 20 pages, coming back to that same page, but on the next page the action picks up several more pages in! I have no idea what happened! Why Manami didn’t win! Why she and her cousin were looking at playing her opponent again!!! Why?! Why right there?!?!
King of Cards: Volume 2

I stopped reading, since is seemed kind of pointless to go on without knowing what happened to get to that page. I then did the one thing that seemed logical. I contacted CMX and explained my situation. It’s not like it was my fault, and I couldn’t return it. I preordered it through Previews. A few days later I got a reply back, apologizing for the error and offering to send me a replacement as I requested. All I want to do is finish the story. A week after my email, I get a package in the mail, or a brand spanking new King of Cards Volume 2. I turn to the place where the printing error was…..and this one has the same error! I emailed CMX again, telling them of the problem. They apologized again, thanked me for letting them know, and that seems to be the end of it.

But, I’m still in the same situation. I can’t finish reading the story. I searched around online, and didn’t find anyone else complaining of this problem. I couldn’t find anything on Volume 2 beyond sale items. I found one preview for volume 2, but that was it. So, am I the only one reading this series? Did no one else get to the end to notice the printing error? Or am I the unluckiest person on the planet to have gotten two books with the exact same printing error in twice?

When I contacted CMX about this, it didn’t seem too concerned about it, so I don’t know if they really didn’t know, or just didn’t care. This is really frustrating to me. I don’t quite know what to do, since I don’t know if it’s just me. I don’t want to buy another copy. I certainly won’t find one in my local bookstore or LCS. It’s not popular enough to get stocked. And I don’t want to try online only to find I get the same printing error AGAIN. If anyone has any suggestions, or has a good copy, please let know.