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This Week at Manga Village ** 6/25/08

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It’s time for another update from the Village Centre and see what’s up at Manga Village.  Our reviews start off with Dan Polley cleaning up his act with The Reformed from Del Rey.  John Thomas checks out a one shot from the creator of Blade of the Immortal with Ohikkoshi from Dark Horse.  Charles Tan is running back to sports with Eyeshield 21 Volume 3 from Viz.  And, I get a late night snack from Viz’s Yumekui Kenbun: Nightmare Inspector Volume 2.  Then John has a comics craving to fill and brings us a review of the graphic novel Mouse Guard: Fall 1152.

Over in our columns, we give our picks for the week from the new releases.   And just because you can’t get enough of John, check out the interview he did for the podcast Anime Today #69, and find out what makes our John tick!

Are you tired of waiting for me to post this?  What to get your Manga Village fix as soon as it happens?  The check out our new RSS feeds!  You can get one for the Latest Reviews and Latest Columns.  Get your news the way it was meant to be; fresh!

And don’t forget to check out the Good Comics for Kids blog, where you’ll not only find my All Ages Comics list for the week, but also a review of Luz, Girl of the Knowing web comic and a preview of CrumbSnatchers.

This Week at Manga Village ** 6/18/08

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Everyone’s back for this week’s reviews and picks! Charles Tan start off, and he has seen the light and is Reborn! Volume 3 from Viz. Dan Polley gets down with a little Yozukura Quartet Volume 2 from Del Rey. I got a Love*Com Volume 6 from Viz, while John loses it with MPD-Psycho Volume 5 from Dark Horse.

We’ve got our picks for the week, and I’ve written an article on the Tokyopop situation (I know, not another one). But I did this more in a Mythbusting vein than just trying to rehash old news. And don’t forget to check out the Good Comics for Kids Blog and my new releases list for all ages comics this week.

This Week at Manga Village ** 6/11/08

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It’s a goth week at Manga Village this week, where dark side is reigning supreme (mostly). Let’s get the little ray of sunshine out of the way, with Suzuka Volume 8 from Del Rey Manga by Dan Polley. Then John Thomas starts us done the dark path with Blood+ Volume 2 from Dark Horse. I finish up the gothic horror/suspense series with the last volume of Godchild Volume 8 from Viz. Then Charles Tan takes us on a final tour of the Museum of Terror Volume 3 from Dark Horse.

Over on our columns, we have our picks for the week to lighten your wallet in Manga Village Picks ‘n Mix.

And don’t forget to check out Good Comics for Kids, where I have the weekly comics list and picks for all ages, and Katherine Dacey of Pop Culture Shock has a review of the Dark Horse series Dayan.

This Week at Manga Village ** 6/4/08

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This week manga celebrates six months of manga news, views and reviews! I can’t believe how quickly the time has passed! I hope everyone has found our reviews useful and enjoyable to read. It’s a smaller celebration this week. We start this week with John Thomas’s review of Haridama: Magic Cram School from Del Rey. Rather appropriate as it’s the end of the school year, and lots of students are probably cramming. Charles Tan then gives us a look at Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service Volume 6 from Dark Horse. Then I let the dogs out with Inubaka Volume 8 from Viz. They were barking up a storm anyway.

Over in the columns, we’ve got our weekly picks. It’s shojo week with all the Viz titles as well as a few sprinkled around the other publishers. Come check out if we recommend any.

This Week at Manga Village ** 5/29/08

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Well, it’s been a tough week at the Manga Village, but still, we persevere! First, Memorial Day greeted us with the site being hacked, but it’s all patched up now, with practically no damage. But then, yours truly went and caught a nasty flu bug. Trust me, don’t want this! So, things are a little late, but still up before the end of the week!

The week starts out with Enchanter Volume 1 from Digital Manga Publishing? Was I spellbound by it?  Check out the review to find out! Revisit the Museum of Terror Volume 2 from Dark Horse with Charles Tan. Dan Polley’s on vacation this week, and John Thomas had a bout with real life, but they’ll both be back next week. There’s also our weekly picks. It’s an eclectic selection as always.

Over at Good Comics for Kids, I’ve got the newest All Ages Comics list up. Sabrina Fritz has a review of many of the All Ages comics that were available on Free Comic Book Day. Come check out what she found, and the other reviews that are up!

This Week at Manga Village ** 5/21/08

Come Visit Manga Village!There’s been some freaky weather here in Southern California this week, but nothing can stop the Manga Village crew from their appointed round of reviews! Charles Tan starts us off by teaching us Death Note: How to Read Volume 13 from Viz. Dan Polley’s gonna Gacha Gacha Next Revolution Volume 6 from Del Rey. I fly in with Fairy Cube Volume 1 from Viz. John Thomas searches the rainbow for the Color of Rage from Dark Horse.

We make our weekly picks, of course, from a list that isn’t so wallet-busting, but still has some must haves. Check it out for some Memorial Day reading. (Day off! Whoo Hoo!!!)

And for the kids, check out the All Ages Comics list at the Good Comics for Kids blog, as well as the reviews and links posted by my fellow bloggers.

This Week at Manga Village ** 5/14/08

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It’s an (almost) all animals edition this week at Manga Village. Charles Tan starts off by sending creepy fish with spiny legs to haunt your dreams with Gyo Volume 1 from Viz. Dan Polley sets off on Toto! The Wonderful Adventure Volume 1 from Del Rey.  And just to be odd man out, I have Muhyo and Roji’s Burea of Supernatural Investigation Volume 3 from Viz.

Then we do our Weekly Picks, which runs the gambit of card games, girls dressed as guys, vampires, bread making, and soul hunting. Come check out our choices.

And for the kids, the All Ages comics list is up at Good Comics for Kids. Come find some reading material for the coming summer vacation.

This Week at Manga Village ** 5/7/08

Come Visit Manga Village!We’ve got something old, some new, something shojo, and lots of shonen this week at Manga Village! Dan Polley starts the festivities off with Suzuka Volume 7 from Del Rey. Then Charles Tan gets a little D Gray-Man Volume 8 from Viz Media, but he seems up to the challenge. John Thomas takes us back to an oldie from Dark Horse’s past with Reiko, the Zombie Shop Volume 1, but don’t let that scare you. ‘Cause it’s time to get wild with some Wild Ones Volume 2 from Viz Media.

Over in the colums, we’ve got our picks for the week, with lots of suggestions, but only one recommendation. Hope you got your economic stimulus check, cause you’re going to need it!

Need something to keep the kids quiet so Mom has a peaceful Mother’s Day this Sunday? Then go to Good Comics for Kids and check out the new releases and picks for this week.

This Week at Manga Village ** 4/23/08

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It’s snack time at Manga Village! Our reviewers serve up some tasty titles. Come enjoy a bite, but be careful that something dark and demonic doesn’t get them first! Dan Polley has some fresh from the oven Yakitate Japan Vol. 9 from Viz. For dessert, enjoy some Honey & Clover Vol. 1 from Viz by me. From the shadows though, comes Charles Tan and the graphic novel Dark Wraith of Shannara from Del Rey. John Thomas brings My Dearest Devil Princess Vol. 2 from Broccoli Books to finish it all off.

Then come check out our weekly picks from this weeks meager releases. It wasn’t easy, but at least one publisher got a nearly unanimous endorsement from us. Make with the clicky to find out who it is!

And if you’re wondering what happened to my Kids Comics releases, I’ve moved them over to Word Balloons, the blog about kids comics and manga. You can catch all my kid comic recommendations there. This weeks list is up now.

This Week at Manga Village ** 4/9/08

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New week, new reviews! We’ve got a full compliment this week. Lissa Patillo leads off this week with a return to Nightmares for Sale Volume 2 from Aurora Publishing. Hope she kept the receipt. John Thomas takes a slight detour away from manga to get sucked into Black Hole from Pantheon. Charles Tan takes a look at a shojo omnibus from Tokyopop with Kare Kano Volume 1-3 Collection. Dan Polley gives a good licking to Mamotte! Lollipop Volume 4 from Del Rey.  And I close the book on The Guin Saga Manga: The Seven Magi Volume 3 from Vertical Inc.

We’ve also got our weekly picks from this week’s new releases, and there were a lot of good books this week, so go check out our recommendations.

This Week at Manga Village **4/2/08**

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New reviews from the crew at Manga Village are up! Starting things off, I revisit a title from Shojo Beat’s beginnings with Kaze Hikaru Volume 8 from Viz. Dan Polley has the first of two reviews as he breezes through Haruka: Beyond the Stream of Time Volume 1 from Viz. Lissa Pattillo flies by Innocent Bird Volume 3 from Blu/Tokyopop. Charles Tan takes you through the Portus from Viz, and Dan Polley returns with not one but TWO volumes of Fairy Tale Volumes 1 & 2 from Del Rey!

We’ve also got our weekly picks to satisfy the Manly Manga urge to the Boy’s Love obsession, to a touch of shojo and lots of shonen in between! Come share the manga love with us!

This Week at Manga Village ** 3/26/08

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The Manga Village reviewers have been working hard this week to give you another great batch of reviews. Charles Tan starts us off with a tour of the Museum of Terror: Tomie Volume 1 from Dark Horse. John’s all packed for another delivery from Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service Volume 4 also from Dark Horse. Lissa Pattillo finds out how Boys Be Volume 1 from Tokyopop. Dan Polley gets a last shot at Golgo 13 Volume 13 from Viz. And, going for the three-peat, I catch a class at Monkey High! Volume 1 from Viz.

We’ve also got our weekly picks up from everyone except for John. He’s probably off raiding Akihabara no doubt, like any good otaku. Think he’ll bring something for his wonderful editor? No, I didn’t think so either. But what we are hoping for are some great stories about his time there, so keep watching for them!