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June 4, 2011

As you may or may not know, I’m a collector of many things. One of those things is action figures from some of my favorites TV Shows and/or movies. My biggest series to collect right now is Doctor Who. With them being made in England and not readily available in US stores, it ‘s needless to say, I don’t get to go on the buying sprees my husband does. But there are some figures I want to get no matter what. Those are the SDCC exclusives that Underground Toys releases every year.  Last year, I didn’t go to SDCC, but a friend was kind enough to get me the Eleventh Doctor/Dalek Scientist exclusive:

Now, there were rumors of two other exclusives for 2010, but I couldn’t get any confirmations on them, so I didn’t ask for them. After the con, I found out they were real. So, I had to find some other way of acquiring them. Fortunately, Amazon’s marketplace has sellers that don’t charge an arm and a leg to get exclusives like these, so I was able to get the other two, which I REALLY wanted for the same price as I would have paid at SDCC. These two totally awesome figures feature the 5th Doctor (my favorite):










I really like the 5th Doctor regeneration figure. I loved him unraveling that red/purple scarf. I liked Tom Baker’s original scarf and coat better.

But the biggest toy I bought this year didn’t come MOC and isn’t going to be boxed away for safe keeping. Nope, this one is going to be out and about for several years to come:

It’s a 2011 Chevrolet Cruz LTZ. Even though it’s not a toy itself, it has plenty of toys on the inside! GPS, XM radio, OnStar, and my favorite, blue tooth with buttons to answer the cell phone right on the steering wheel! This car is awesome! And it’s a really nice ride too. And it better be since I’ll be making payments ’til I’m old and gray. But it’s worth it.

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