This Week at Manga Village ** 2/13/08

Come Visit Manga Village!

The latest round of reviews are up at Manga Village. As well as our usual reviewers, we’d like to welcome a new addition: Michael Aronson. He’ll be contribution articles as well as reviews.

Our reviews this week cover the spectrum of manga. We start off with some BL, Poison Cherry Drive from Kitty Media reviewed by Lissa Pattillo. Michael Aronson looks at The Astro Boy Essays from Stonebridge Press. John Thomas goes for the odd jobs with Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service Vol. 1 from Dark Horse. Charles Tan and I get into the swordplay with Ruruoni Kenshin (VIZBig Edition) Vol. 1 from Viz, and The Guin Saga: The Seven Magi Vol. 2 from Verticle.

Then, check out our weekly picks of the new releases coming out this week. Like our reviews, our picks cover the manga spectrum. Then, check out Manga in the Philippines, and see what it’s like to be a manga lover in the Philippines.

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