This Week at Manga Village ** 3/12/08

Come Visit Manga Village!

This week at Manga Village, we’ve got another batch of reviews for you. John Thomas is getting small with is review of Minima Volume 1 from Del Rey. Things aren’t looking so divine to Dan Polley with his review of My Heavenly Hockey Club Volume 3 also from Del Rey. Charles Tan, on the other hand, kicks it with Eyeshield 21 Volume 2 from Viz. I’d like to flip mine off though, with Volume 1 of Switch from Viz. Don’t “hulk out” until you read the review of it though.

We’ve also got our picks from the new releases this month. There’s shojo, shonen, a touch of seinen with a sprinkle of old school, and a side order of BL, so come check them out!

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