This Week at Manga Village ** 3/19/08

Come Visit Manga Village!

Another week, and another round of reviews. What have we got? John Thomas teaches us Death Note: How to Read Vol 13 from Viz. Then Lissa Pattillo satisfys that BL desire by casting a Crimson Spell Vol 1 from Kitty Media. I blast off for one last trip to Andromeda Stories Vol 3, for the end of this sci-fi classic from Vertical, Inc. Dan Polly also takes a trip, this time to Miki Falls: Winter Vol 4 for the conclusion of the teen romance from Harper Collins Publishers. Charles Tan gets a part time job with Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service Vol 1 from Dark Horse.

Then, we make our weekly picks from this week’s manga. It’s a smaller list, but the distribution between publishers is more even. There are still some good books coming out, including two novels translated by our reviewer John Thomas! So come get your read on with us!

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