Jenny's Journal: Dragon Drive Volume 6

Dragon Drive Volume 6Dragon Drive Volume 6

By Kenichi Sakura
Publisher: Viz Media

Genre: Fantasy
Rating: All Ages

Price: $7.99
Rating: ★★★★☆


Kohei is pushing himself to the limit. His body can’t take much more training. Meanwhile, Silver is waiting as Reiji and Hikaru go on to the trials to get Shinsaber. Meanwhile, Maiko is captured and taken to Guan-Coo, who isn’t how Maiko expected it to be. Guan-Coo seems gentle, as it acts like a baby.


Once again, it is pretty much hilarious. The battle scene at the end gets the reader tense. It’s quite a charm.

What I liked about it

Guan-Coo is very funny. He’s cute and acts like a child.

What I didn’t like

Once again, nothing. I like it all.

What you could do to make it better

I have no idea.

Is this suitable for children?


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