E-books of calibre

Being a wanna-be tech hound, I watch the tech news for interesting posts about the tech subjects I like.  I found one over at Channel Web that I’d thought I’d share with all my readers who are interested in E-books.  They have a slide show showing all the current and future/possible E-book Readers, with specs.  Check it out.

At the end they mention a few software programs as well.  But there is one that I think anyone considering purchasing an E-book Reader should look at.  I found out about it when I was exploring the MobileRead website and forums.  It’s an open source free program called Calibre.

Calibre is an ebook management program that works on all the major platforms (Windows, Linux and Mac OS X).  It works as a library, a format converter, and, best of all, convert news feeds to ebook format!  With this program, which hands all the major formats, including Kindle and Sony, it doesn’t matter which reader you get.  You can read any ebook on your reader.

What I like best about it, is that it can take RSS feeds and make them available to read on the e-reader.  The Kindle charges you for the feeds it makes available, and both Amazon and Sony only give you a limited number of feed to get.  With calibre, you can take any feed you want to read anywhere.  You don’t have to be tied to a computer to read them.  It’s not an automatic download, but you have the freedom to get what you want, and not just what’s popular.

I believe the Kindle has resparked the popularity for ebooks and readers.  The last year has seen a reported 235% jump in e-book reader sales.  I don’t know if I’ll stick by the claim that the Kindle is the “ipod of ebooks”, but it was definitely brought interest to a previously fringe technology.  The competition it has sparked can only be a boon to us, the consumers.

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