Ask Manga Mom: The “Just Say No” Edition

This question came in from Kyle just this week:

where can i download manga directly and for free xcept for (stoptazmo & animea)….. where can i download pig bride manhwa & captive heart for free????
pls. help me

Um…no Kyle.  Just….no.

Pig Bride and Captive Hearts are licensed titles in the US.  If you can not find scanalations to download, that is a good thing.  If you want to read these titles you need to either buy the books, or borrow them from a friend or the library.  Many public and even school libraries are adding and building up collections of manga and graphic novels.  The value of these books is finally being recognized, not just for stories, but because they also help encourage reading.  If your local library doesn’t have the books you want, ask about inter-library loan.  Get your friends to ask too.  The more interest librarians see in a type of book, the more likely they are to add them.

If you want to read manga online, then check out Viz’s Shonen Sunday website, where new chapters of mang are put up weekly.  Or you can read some new titles straight from Japan with Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump, which has some old favorites as well as new titles.  The more we show these sites to be successful, the more likely it will be that we get manga online legitimately.

3 thoughts on “Ask Manga Mom: The “Just Say No” Edition”

  1. That’s exceptionally well-written advice. I fear I wouldn’t have been as patience and gentle in my answer. Thanks for posting this. I would love to see more kids asking libraries to carry a wide variety of manga. So I’m glad you’re encourage them to do so.

    1. @Ed Sizemore – Thanks for the comment. The feature is call “Ask Manga Mom, so try to keep it as Mom-like as possible. 😉

      @Melinda Beasi – Thanks! I’ve gotten general requests before, but this was the first time I got a message for specific titles and thought it would be good for a post.

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