This Week in Manga 10/10-10/16/09

Inside Scanlation

ComiPress, one of the first manga new reporting sites is hanging up it’s news hat and has moved over to a more timely topic:  Scanlations.  There has been a lot of talk about scanlations, especially since the economy took a dive, but do you really understand what scanlations are or how they came to be?  Inside Scanlation seeks to answers these questions and more.  The site looks at the history of scanlations, interviews scanlators and publishers for their takes and even explains some of the nuances of the community.  I think this is an interesting project.  And while people don’t agree with what the scanlators do, I think it’s worth the time to find out why they do it.  It’s the anthropologist in me.

Yen Press Mania sat down with Yen Press’ Kurt Hassler to talk about Yen Press titles, Yen Plus, Manhwa and Manhua, license rescues and the general state of the manga industry.  The interview really covers a lot of ground and it’s always interesting to hear what Kurt has to say.  If you like or are interesting in Yen Press, definitely check this out.  I give Yen Press props for their Korean line.  They have supported it better than Tokyopop and have some great titles.  The Korean/OEL side of Yen Plus continues to be my favorite.  They really have some strong titles with Pig Bride, Time and Again, and Antique Gift Shop.  Remember, it’s about the stories, not country of origin.

Rin-Ne Chapters Coming Down

This weekend is your last chance to read Rin-Ne volume 1 for free before the print volume comes out October 20.  Chapters 3-8 will be taken down on Monday, October 19.  So if you haven’t had a chance to check out Takahashi’s newest shonen title, now’s the time.  Support Viz and their online projects so more publishers will jump on the bandwagon!

Invisible Manga

Jason Thompson, author of the continuing Manga: The Complete Guide, weighs in on some recent controversies with manga at io9.  He discusses the recent history of censorship of manga and fan reactions to changes to a light novel cover.  Jason makes some interesting observations about manga and it’s perception by it’s fans.  Read the comments as well for some more interesting insights.  Jason hits a few nails on the head about fans, and there are some good comments about the America’s strange priorities; violence is okay by mild nudity is not.  It’s more great insights to please the anthropologist in me.

Free Halloween Manga

Tokyopop, starting Friday, 10/16/09, is posting full color chapters of I Luv Halloween, in honor of that holiday now not so far away.  The chapters will be posted Monday-Friday for the next two weeks.  That’s one way to get into the spirit.  Keep in mind that this title is for older audiences.

NYT Best Selling Manga

Its back to the same old, same old this week as Naruto takes over the top spot, a place he is so comfortable with, with vol 46 jumping to #1.  Last week’s #1, Chibi Vampire vol 14 falls to #3 as Rosario Vampire vol 9 debuts at #2.  Fullmetal Alchemist vol 20 holds on to #4 as Vampire Kisses vol 3 falls back to #5.  There are three more debuts to the list with Skip Beat vol 19, One Piece vol 22, and Wild Ones vol 8 all coming in at #6, #7 and #9.  Shugo Chara vol 7 hangs in there, falling 1 to #8, as well as Yotsuba&! vol 6 which falls 2 to #10.  Viz is the big winner, though it only picks up one to make it’s ratio 6/10, it has 4 titles debuting.  Tokyopop hangs in with their Vampire titles for Halloween, and Yen Press’ little green-haired girl shows her stubbornness to remain on the list.

Manga For Your Ears


  • Episode 10 – 36:55 – Horror Manga of Kazuo Umezu and Junji Ito

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  • Yu-Gi-Oh R vol 1 (finished)
  • Shonen Jump November 2009
  • Sarasah vol 1
  • Yen Plus September 2009

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