This Week in Manga 2/6-2/12/10

Moveable Manga Feast Moves Out

In a massive collaboration, several blogs have gotten together to review the same book on the same week, as suggested by David Welsh of the Manga Curmudgeon blog.  It kicked off this week, with Sexy Voice and Robo, with new reviews going up every day.  You can find an introduction to the book and all the reviews posted here.  From the long list of reviews, this turned out to be a big success with such a wide breadth of reviews, both good and bad.  This is a shining example of the power of social media.  An idea on Twitter became a week long celebration (or panning) of a title, bringing together the mangasphere.  I just think that’s cool.

Manga Growing Up

Brigid Alverson interviewed Leyla Aker of Viz, for Publsiher’s Weekly, about the Viz Signature line, books aimed a more adult audience.  In the interview, the background that led to the Signature line is discussed as well as the creation of  Bottom line for all this though, is buy more Signature books!  Even in the world of the internet, you still need money to pay for stuff.  So support the titles you’ve been reading for free on the website that will be coming out in the next few months.  I’m liking Dorohedoro, Afterschool Charisma, Kingyo Used Books and House of Five Leaves.  Keep these great books and more coming out.

The Minority Report: The Manga

Christopher Hadley, a man who lived in Iowa and was arrested for manga he had bought and had shipped to his home, was finally sentenced this week.  ANN has a thorough rundown of the titles in question, his personal history and history in anime, and details of court case.  The sad thing about this case isn’t just that a man has had his life ruined by some over zealous prosecutor looking to prove that he’s “protecting American values”, it’s that it been done with no cause.  Hadley was never a threat to anyone.  Evaluations from the court found no predilection for pedophilia from him, and he has no history of violence sexual or otherwise with children.  This whole case was fabricated because of drawings he owned.  No actual photographs.  He wasn’t singled out because of complaints by parents of other people about his behavior.  He was prosecuted because of what it was thought he was going to do, not because of anything he had done.  This is the worst kind of miscarriage of justice, one where the only victim is the accused.

Bean Counting 2009

Brian Hibbs of Comic Book Resources spent who know how long looking at another year of comic book sales, including manga.  You’ll have to scroll down quite a ways through his lengthy explanation of the history of his analysis, and through some comic book analysis before getting to the manga, but it’s there.  While I think analysis like this is interesting and helpful in evaluating the health of comics market, the lack of online data, where quick a big chunk of the sales happen (at least for manga), leaves out a significant part of the story.  It’s like reading a story in Yen Plus or Shonen Jump, only every other issue or two.  You can get the general idea of what’s going on, but getting the complete story makes it so much more better.

NYT Best Sellers List

Viz’s torrent of manga last week yielded quite a few changes for the list this week.  Naruto returned to rule the roost with vol 47 debuting at #1.  Right behind it at #2 is Vampire Knight vol 9 and Black Bird vol 3, not quite a vampire story, but does involve blood-sucking at #3.  Black Butler vol 1, last week’s #1 debut falls back to #4 and represents Yen Press as its only title on the list this week.  Yu-Gi-Oh! R vol 3 comes in at #5 and D. Gray-Man vol 16 arrives at #6.  Yu-Gi-Oh! GX vol 4 falls three to #7 while Fullmetal Alchemist vol 22 falls five to #8.    Tokyopop gets on the list with their new title Alice in the Country of Hearts vol 1 at #9 and Otomen vol 5 debuts at #10.  I think this is a first for the list, with 7 of 10 entries all being debuts.  Only Black Butler and Yu-Gi-Oh! GX are not.  It’s also good to see both Black Butler holding out and Tokyopop getting a new title as Viz once again dominates both in ratio, 8/10 and debuts 6/10.

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