Himeyuka & Rozione’s Story

Intent on being an independent young woman, high schooler Himeyuka lives on ther own inan unremarkable apartment complex in a corner of the city. But one day, she discovers her ordinary building has turned into something extraordinary. Her beloved “castle” is covered in childish scribbles–both inside and out! And waiting for her at the end of this rainbow-colored mess…is the perpetrator of the crime-a little boy name Rozione. Is he just someone’s lost child, or is there a greater mystery behind his appearance. In this collection, Sumomo Yumeka presents four charming, melancholy vignettes that explore the trickling of time and the machinations of the heart.

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By Sumomo Yumeka
Publisher: Yen Press
Age Rating: Teen
Genre: Anthology
Price: $10.99
Rating: ★★★½☆

Himeyuka and Rozione’s Story is a collection of 4 short stories. The stories are written in different genres such as fantasy and sci-fi, but all have an element of romance at their heart.

Himeyuka and Rozione’s Story is the title story. Himeyuka wants to be grown-up and independent. She rejects her memories of being a child, and throws away her old toys when her mother sends them to her. Soon after, a young boy appears who calls himself Rozione and attaches himself to Himeyuka. He tries to get her to play with him, but she refuses, and instead spends her time trying to find his parents. The ending of this story is rather obvious, but is was a nice on anyway. Though, I didn’t care for Himeyuka and her complete rejection of her childhood memories. Being grown-up isn’t about forgetting your past or childhood, as Himeyuka learns in the end.

Princess of Kikouya is about Yakuza Princess An who has been arranged to marry a Yakura Prince who she’s never met. In the last few days before the marriage, she keeps running away to be with a boy she has a crush on, Takeru, who works in a small restaurant. This was my favorite story of the four. I probably should have seen the end coming, but because I didn’t, it was a nice suprise. I really liked An. She acted just like a young girl with a crush. I just thought she was really cute.

In My Very Own Shalala, Shalala is a half-human, half witch. To become a full witch, she must get the tear of a young man. Choosing her “prey”, she disguises herself as a boy to get close to him, but in the process also gets to know him. I liked this story too. Shalala starts out not caring about her “prey”, but she comes to understand that all humans aren’t monsters, and how her mother could have fallen in love with one. I liked that Ueno and Shalala don’t fall in love, but just become friends. The story is a little angsty at parts, but not in a bad way.

Robot is a sci-fi story, but the way it’s written leaves you not entirely sure about what’s going. In this world, humans are regenerated instead of being born. The story follows a robot that looks like a teen boy and his struggle to deal with losing and regaining his creator, a woman that he may love. Nothing is ever really explained about who Robot Yamato is, who his creator is, why Yamato is dangerous, or who the people around them are. The story feels more like a stream of consciousness as it jumps around scenes, and can leave the reader very confused. I know I was.

Overall, Himeyuka and Rozione’s Story is a good collection of short but enjoyable stories. The art is well done, with some interesting uses of screen tone. I liked all the different characters and situations. The variety keeps the title from getting boring. It’s definitely worth a read.

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