Weekly Top Ten – August 29, 2015

Weekly Top Ten Manga

Every week, the New York Times and Amazon posts the top ten bestselling books. The New York Times gets their numbers from print sales from retailers, while Amazon and Vizmanga.com calculates their own numbers. Once a month the Nielsen Bookscan posts their top twenty graphic novels of which manga is included. Offered here is a listing of these books with their status this week compared with the previous week, and some way-off analysis of the activity.


New York times Bestseller List for the week ending August 22, 2015

  1. Tokyo Ghoul 2Tokyo Ghoul Vol 2    
  2. Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon Novel Vol 3    
  3. Monster Musume Vol 7     ↓ 1
  4. Naruto Vol 71     ↓ 1
  5. Citrus Vol 3     
  6. Tokyo Ghoul Vol 1     ↓ 1
  7. Food Wars! Vol 7     ↑ 1
  8. My Hero Academia Vol 1     ↓ 5
  9. One Piece Vol 75     ↓ 5
  10. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 1: Phantom Blood Vol 3     ↓ 3

Three different titles from three different publishers debut this week. Seven Seas Entertainment’s Monster Musume Vol 7 loses its hold on the top spot, but is joined by Citrus Vol 3 coming in at #5. Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon Novel Vol 3 jumps in at #2 but it is also now the lone Yen Press title. Taking the top spot is Tokyo Ghoul Vol 2 in its print debut and joining the rest of the Viz Media titles which still hold on to the rest of the spots. Conspicuous by its absence is Attack on Titan Vol 1, a practical staple for months. But I wouldn’t count it out so quickly. A new Attack on Titan volume came out this week, so I think we will be seeing its return very soon.


Amazon.com for the week ending August 29, 2015

  1. Attack on Titan v16Attack on Titan Vol 16      ↑ 3
  2. Tokyo Ghoul Vol 2     ↓ 1
  3. Tokyo Ghoul Vol 1     
  4. One Punch Man Vol 1     
  5. Naruto Vol 71     ↓ 2
  6. Monster Musume Vol 7     ↓ 4
  7. Naruto Vol 72     ↓ 2
  8. One Punch Man Vol 2     
  9. Attack on Titan Vol 16 Special Edition    
  10. Tokyo Ghoul Vol 3     ↓ 2

All Attack on Titan disappeared from Amazon last week, but with the release of the newest vol 16, it goes for a double dose, as the regular release takes the top spot, and the Special Edition returns at #9. Tokyo Ghoul seems determined to prove it is as popular as Attack on Titan as it is gets all three of its volumes on the list, the last being a pre-order. One Punch Man and Naruto both get multiple volumes on the list, leaving only Monster Musume Vol 7 all alone and surrounded.

∗ = New Release
↑ = Title moved up specified # of spots
↓ = Title moved down specified # of spots
↔ = Title didn’t moved from previous week with total # of weeks
↵ = Title returned after dropping off list with total # of weeks (when available)

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