Update: Assassination Classroom Manga Ending

AssClass 17More information has come out regarding the end of Assassination Classroom. The 12th issue of Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump revealed that the series actually has 5 more chapters and will now wrap up at the end of March, coinciding with the end of the academic year in Japan. The students of Class 3E will now move on along with the rest of Japan’s graduating classes. This is a very clever ploy by Shueisha to tie the two events together, and will make the ending of Assassination Classroom a much more memorable event.

The 11th issue of Weekly Shonen Jump had teased a “final mission climax” and “conclusion of the fated battle” in this issue, which had been read as a final chapter, but the surprise turned out to be much bigger.

Assassination Classroom 2nd AnimeIt has also been confirmed that the anime of the manga that is running right now, and simulcast by Funimation, will cover the manga’s ending as will the live action movie set to come out in Japan later this year. The movie’s ending was announced at a press conference held earlier this week, where Matsui explained that the timing of the film’s production led to the proposal that the manga and movie share endings. This is a kind of interesting revelation, and the wording could make one wonder did the movie influence the manga’s end, or was it something Matsui already had in mind?

It is cool that all of the properties based on Assassination Classroom will share the manga’s ending, so there will be no need to redo the series later, and even better for fans of the series, no filler!

3 thoughts on “Update: Assassination Classroom Manga Ending”

  1. I think Matsui already had an ending in mind from the very beginning. I remember reading Vol. 2 and the author’s note mentioned right away that he wasn’t going to deviate from his plan for the series regardless of sales.

    I heard the 2nd season has cut a bunch of stuff that does show up in the manga to make sure the ending is reached in time, so English readers who buy the VIZ editions (after Vol.9) will thankfully see more of the humorous side-stories once the anime ends.

    This is still unheard of though. A manga with anime and live-adaptations that end around the same time.

    1. That’s good to hear about the ending. Matsui’s lucky he’s in a position to be able to say that too. I’m sure a lot is going to have to be cut out. But wasn’t it the same for the 1st season? Didn’t it cover about the same material (9 volumes) in less episodes (23)? I think it’s kind of good for an anime to leave out things, making a better case to get the original manga.

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