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New Detective Series from Princess Jellyfish’s Higashimura Begins

I love mysteries and detective stories, so whenever I hear about a new one, I have to talk about it! Shuiesha’s Cocohana magazine has announced that Akiko Higashimura, the creator of Princess Jellyfish and the award-winning Kakukaku Shikajika, will be starting a new detective series in the November issue due on in September.

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Wish List: Mythical Detective Loki Update

lokiMythical Detective Loki is a series I have wanted released in the west for years. It’s had a bumpy history here. ADV Manga first licensed the continuation of the series, Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok, and released two volumes before they folded. Jmanga licensed the first series and managed to release five volumes before it folded. A third series, Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok: Gods of the New World, never saw translation here, but has now ended in Japan. The series is about Loki, the Norse god of mischief, who is banished to Earth in the form of a young boy. To return to the land of the gods, he must collect auras of evil, so he opens a detective agency. As well as collecting the auras, he has to deal with other Norse gods who come to visit and/or taunt him, some of whom do not want him returning.

Loki RagnarokI love boy detective titles, as well as any kind of mythology, so I’ve been dying to read this series. I still have the two volumes ADV Manga released, but lost the Jmanga titles when they went under. But this is a series that so deserves another chance! It’s not the manga’s fault it never finished with either company. Both folded before the manga had a chance to finish. Jmanga was just two volumes away. I don’t think Ragnarok would have done well for ADV Manga anyway, since it was a continuation of the first series, and ADV Manga didn’t provide any background information on the characters or story.

Loki Ragnarok GodsThanks to the Marvel Avengers and Thor movies, Loki has become a really hot property. Some publisher should really pick this series up. Each titled series is short too. Mythical Detective Loki is only 7 volumes. Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok is 5 volumes, and the final series, Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok: Gods of the New World is 6 volumes. None of the titles are too long for publishers and still fit into the post 2000s requirement. I think the series would be a good fit for Seven Seas Entertainment or Yen Press, and the Japanese publisher, MAG Garden isn’t tied down to any one English publisher.

I know I’ve written a Wish List for this series before, but with all that’s happened since then, it really needed this update. We really need a Japanese manga about Norse gods solving mysteries! There is no such thing as too much Loki! This series needs an English release stat!


Resurrecting Detective Manga

kako to nise tanteiIt was announced in the first 2015 issue of Shueisha’s Weekly Young Jump that Yasunori Mitsunaga was launching a new detective series, Kako to Nise Tantei. This mystery series follows a genius boy detective with a shocking secret, and the first chapter featured a color opening page. It just came out on December 11, so not a lot of information is out about it but, I love boy detective stories and am always happy to see more of them. It would be great if Viz Media would consider it once it’s got some chapters under its belt. It’s too bad it’s not a Weekly Shonen Jump series, otherwise we could have gotten a Jump Start on the first three chapters.

Kantantei DWThis isn’t Mitsunaga’s first mystery series. Back in 2011, he launched another detective series, Kan Tantei D&W for Shonen Gahosha’s Monthly Young King. It features two characters, Juro, a man who is very sensitive to the smell of blood, and Hisato, who is a reclusive shut-in, for his own reasons. In the first story, Juro finds the body of an idol. After a run-in with the police, he goes to Hisato, who has his own mysterious powers, for help. This series is at two volumes and still ongoing. I would love to see this series brought over as well. According to Organization Anti-Social Geniuses‘ very helpful article “What Manga Publishers Can License in the US”, Seven Seas Entertainment would be the most likely company to bug—ask nicely to look into licensing.

Princess Resurrection 1Mitsunaga is no stranger to Western readers. His long running series, Princess Resurrection, Kaibutsu Oujo, was licensed by Del Rey Manga, who published the first 7 of the 20 volume series. I really liked the first three volumes, until things seemed to get a little weird at the end of the third, but I wonder if I should have checked out further volumes. Not that it seemed it would have mattered since Del Rey dropped it, and Kodansha doesn’t seem interested in continuing it. But I did like Mitsunaga’s art and writing, so seeing more of his work would be most welcome.