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This Week in Manga 1/9-1/15/10

Some Advice for Bloggers and Reviewers

Brigid of Mangablog first lists some good tips on how to make you blog more user friendly and possibly improve your Google ranking! Many of them are the same that I’ve heard on the tech podcasts I listen to, so you can be sure the advice is sound.  And then found via Twitter, Deb Aoki of About.Manga blog has some sound tips for manga reviewers:

  • manga reviewing tip #1: “Did you like it or not? I should have some idea whether it’s worth buying or not after reading your review”
  • manga reviewing tip #2: “grab my attention in the first 1-2 paragraphs & give me a reason to keep reading, or I’ll just click away.”
  • manga reviewing tip #3: “write like you’re having fun, not writing a term paper.”
  • manga reviewing tip #4: “yes, by all means tell me what the story is about — but can you skip the rehash of the entire book?”

Solicitations made the next day has brought the count from 4 to 19.  You can check Deb’s twitter feed for them all.  There are a lot of good suggestions, though not all are practical for a short review of a title.  But I was glad to see that readers do want to see ratings on reviews.  Other bloggers have professed an aversion to them, but as I reader I appreciate them, which is why I include them with my own.  I hope people find my ratings consistant, as that is something I strive for.

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This Week in Manga 11/14-11/20/09

No Manga Love from the New York Times…Again

This week the New York Times released their holiday gift guide for graphic novels, and it should come as no surprise to anything that follows the NYT’s blog that manga doesn’t get any love from the writers in charge.  This list was no different.  David Welsh of the Precious Curmudgeon blog decided to take matters into his own hands.  He announced on Twitter that he would be doing his own holiday gift guide for manga, and invited other manga bloggers to join him.  Watch for David’s list on Thanksgiving, and other lists from Kuriostiy, Okazu and Manga Bookshelf blogs next week just to name a few.

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This Week in Manga 9/12-9/18/09

Arrrrr.  It be the news.

Shelf Porn!

Found via Twitter. @MagicalEmi shared a picture of her manga collection.  Now just think this whole thing is squeezed into a two room apartment.  Not two bedroom, two room.  All these bookshelves also explains how she can keep up her website Emily’s Random Shoujo Manga Page.  I hope she’s got those bookshelves secured to the wall, or isn’t home when the Big One hits.   Thanks for sharing!  I need to take a pic of the shiny new bookcases my husband built for our books and manga.

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You’re Kidding….Right?

I was listening to my tech podcasts this morning, like I do every Monday, and I got to Jumping Monkeys, parenting in the digital age.  And, on this show, the hosts Leo Laporte and Megan Morrone do a segment called Spend, Save, Give where they take about websites that have interesting things to spend on, save on, or give to the community, etc.  On today’s show, the Save was dedicated to Bookcloseouts.com, a site I have featured a few times myself on this blog.  Megan was featuring it for the great deals you can get on kids books (which can be REALLY expensive).  But Leo…I don’t know how he found it, but started taking about this title he found:

When he first said the title, I thought I was mishearing him.  He pronounced manga wrong (man-ga instead of mahn-ga), so I had to look this thing up myself, just to see if it was real.  And, as you can see, it is.  Check out the description of the book here.  It’s as good as the picture.  And buy a copy while you’re there.  There are only 58 left and at 80% off, it’s a steal!  Make it a new holiday classic in your home.

Manga for your ears

I few years ago, I got into podcasts.  I like to listen to things while I work, and the radio and music got boring, so I started searching through podcasts.  One of the great things about podcasts, is that you can find something on just about any topic, since anyone with a computer, a microphone and some software can record one.  The first topics I searched for: anime and manga.

The anime was easy to find.  Anime podcasts are a dime a dozen, and I tried out a lot before I settled on a select few.  Podcasts for manga, well, that was a lot harder to find.  Some of the anime podcasts I got also do manga, but I really wanted to find something that was only manga.  Those are fewer and very far between.  But, I have found a few.

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