This Week in Manga 1/9-1/15/10

Some Advice for Bloggers and Reviewers

Brigid of Mangablog first lists some good tips on how to make you blog more user friendly and possibly improve your Google ranking! Many of them are the same that I’ve heard on the tech podcasts I listen to, so you can be sure the advice is sound.  And then found via Twitter, Deb Aoki of About.Manga blog has some sound tips for manga reviewers:

  • manga reviewing tip #1: “Did you like it or not? I should have some idea whether it’s worth buying or not after reading your review”
  • manga reviewing tip #2: “grab my attention in the first 1-2 paragraphs & give me a reason to keep reading, or I’ll just click away.”
  • manga reviewing tip #3: “write like you’re having fun, not writing a term paper.”
  • manga reviewing tip #4: “yes, by all means tell me what the story is about — but can you skip the rehash of the entire book?”

Solicitations made the next day has brought the count from 4 to 19.  You can check Deb’s twitter feed for them all.  There are a lot of good suggestions, though not all are practical for a short review of a title.  But I was glad to see that readers do want to see ratings on reviews.  Other bloggers have professed an aversion to them, but as I reader I appreciate them, which is why I include them with my own.  I hope people find my ratings consistant, as that is something I strive for.

Giving Credit Where It’s Due

Melinda Beasi of the Manga Bookshelf blog, after reading a post by Johanna Draper Carlson, about the best comic criticism of 2009, lamented the lack of female critics.  So, like any good blogger, she came up with her own list of female manga critics, keeping her list to her top five.  You’ll recognize some of the names, if not all, and if you don’t, click the links in her post to find out more.  All have written excellent posts that inspire thought and spur conversations as all good criticism should.  All are worthy of the praise.

The Best .02 of 2009

In a bit of a snowball effect, David Welsh of the newly renamed Manga Curmudgeon blog, was inspired by Melinda Beasi post about women manga critics, and made a list of the best comic and manga essays from 2009.  His choices run the gambit from retailer issues getting manga, to the good and the bad, to some in-depth analysis of the industry, to just giving their 2 cents.  I really enjoyed many of the essays on the list, and am glad to be able to catch up on the ones I missed.

Last Chance to read Rin-Ne vol 2

Found via Twitter.  With the next volume of Rin-Ne coming out on Tuesday, this weekend will be your last chance to read the chapters online.  It’s a three day weekend for a lot of people so take some time to check out the series if you haven’t already.

New Tokyopop Insider

Tokyopop has announced the date and time of its next Insider webcast, Thursday, February 4 at 1PM EST/10AM PST.  The guest of this webcast will be Benjamin, the creator of the GN Orange and the upcoming Remember.  That’s going to be a tough time for a lot of bloggers that have day jobs, especially on the west coast.

NYT Best Seller List

Another new #1 takes over the list this week.  It’s another of Viz’s popular titles, Yu-Gi-Oh GX, the successor to Yu-Gi-Oh.  Vol. 4’s  sudden leap in pushes back last weeks 1-4 all back one, setting Vampire Knight vol 8, Naruto vol 46, Maximum Ride vol 2 and Vampire Knight vol 7 in the #2-5 spots.  Bleach vol 29 moves back up one to #6, and Maximum Ride vol 1 falls back 2 to #7.  Fullmetal Alchemist vol 21 returns at #8, and Soul Eater vol 1 falls back 3 to #9.  One Piece vol 25, part of Viz’s speed up comes in at #10.  Hopefully more of these volumes will appear, and at the very least this volume will do better than the last One Piece that only appeared for one week.  Ratio remains the same this week with Viz/Yen Press holding 7/3 respectively.  There were only 2 true debuts, #1 and #10, while all the others are returnees.  Tokyopop, Del Rey or CMX needs to shake this up.

Manga to Anime


Gon, the manga about a little dinosaur roaming the world, is still getting its CGI tv adaptation.  It’s just been pushed back another year.  And it’s been slated to air all over the world and not just in Asia.  Gon is a great title, and I’m surprised it’s taken this long to get an anime of it done.  Hopefully the CGI will be realistic enough to do the manga justice.

Manga For Your Ears

Jouhou Cast


This Week at Manga Village

What I’m Reading

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  • The Smoking Mountain
  • Marwe
  • Crewel World

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