I’ve been watching the new Macross series, Macross Frontier.  I’ve been a fan of Macross since Robotech first came out (I like the Macross Saga best).  I even got to see the very bad, original dub of Macross, Harmony Gold released before it became Robotech.  My older brother bought the video tape.  I kinda stopped following it when fans panned Macross II, so I skipped Macross Plus, but when I heard about Macross 7 and what it was like, I had to see it.  (I like bad, cheesy shows.)  So when it was announced that a new Macross was coming out for the 25th anniversary, and that it would harken back to the original series, I was excited!

The animation is nice for the new series.  It takes place after Macross 7 in the timeline, but is otherwise unrelated.  We’ve got the usual love triangle, with a starlet, a fighter pilot and this time another girl who wants to be a star too.  Things start out pretty standard enough, the boy that wants to be a fighter pilot saves the starlet, and makes friends with the wannabe, and he is then gets pulled by both, without know what feelings he has, if any, toward the girls, even though it s becoming obvious they both have feelings for him.

Here’s the twist; the pilot, Alto, comes from a family of Kabuki performers that specialize in female parts.  Alto is referred to by his classmates as “Hime”, or princess.  He can easily pass off as a girl, and even in the credits after seeing Sharon and Renka, we see Alto in his female Kabuki garb, even though we’ve ever seen it in the show.

So, I guess my question is, is Macross Frontier yuri?

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