The End Is Near

June 27, 2008

Another series of Doctor Who is rushing to an end.  There are only two episodes left, and unfortunately, they are not looking to be anything groundbreaking.  We have gone 10 episodes without seeing or hearing a Dalek.  This shouldn’t be of too big a surprise, since after the end of “Evolution of the Daleks” in series 3, there was only one left.  The last member of the Cult of Skaro, Dalek Caan, escaped by doing an emergency temporal shift.  That should have been the last we saw of the Daleks, but Russell T. Davies just can’t leave them out.  I’m grateful to the man for bring back Doctor Who, but I’m also glad he turning over his post as executive producer to Stephen Moffat.

The end of “Turn Left” is the first clue to what is coming in the last two episodes.  “Bad Wolf” are the words Rose scattered across the universe as a warning of eminent danger in the first series.  That danger was from the Daleks.  So to see the words everywhere at the end of episode 10 of course immediately brings them to mind.  So, the big bads for the series four finally will be Daleks….again.  But it’s not going to be just the Daleks, no.  Dalek Caan couldn’t have rebuilt the Dalek army all by himself.  He had to have help.  And who in this universe would not only want to help the Daleks, but make them thrive and the rulers of the universe?  No one but Davros, the creator of the Daleks.  He’s the one the Daleks always go running back to when they have problems, so it makes sense that Dalek Caan would, especially being part of the Cult of Skaro.

So for some reason, the resurrection of Davros has started the breakdown between the alternate universes, or perhaps Davros, like the Cybermen, IS from an alternate that Dalek Caan brought over some how, and that is causing the breakdown.  And with Davros either creating or bringing a new army of Daleks, the stars are being put out.  Only the Doctor and Donna can stop it.

Sadly, it seems like this will be mark the end for Donna.  Whether she dies or stops traveling with the Doctor, I don’t know, but with a title for the finale being “Journey’s End”, it doesn’t sound like she’ll be back.  This is a shame, since Donna has been the best companion for the Doctor so far.  At least the most proper.  She’s not some teenager swooning over the Doctor.  She disagrees and bickers with him, but also has a sensible head on her shoulders, and doesn’t do a lot of screaming for help.  River Song’s inquiries about if she was The Donna Noble, back from the “Silence in the Library” episode, also had an ominous ring to it.

I really wish they would stop with the musical companions, and keep on for more than one season.  And while we’re on this, how about more than one that *isn’t* female?  Mutiple TARDIS crews used to be the norm, and really most of the few episodes we’ve had with more than one companion have been the better ones.  Come on guys, get a clue!

I’m done ranting on that for now.  We’ll see tomorrow night if any of my predictions are correct.  I’ll keep you posted.

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