The final episode of season 4 of Doctor Who has finally aired.  I’m feeling kind of ambivalent about it.  I have truly grown weary of the Daleks return, but Dalek Caan was fun to watch in his madness.  And Russell T. Davies’ speculation that Davros may have escaped doesn’t make her feel good.  I’m sick to death of Rose, and hope and PRAY that is will be last time we see her.  EVER!  It was a bit of a cop out to give her her own Doctor to play with.  At least they still kept the Real Doctor from saying those accursed three words.

Donna was brilliant.  Even before she got zapped with the Doctor’s brain.  I really liked her as the Doctor’s companion.  She never held back.  She never fawned over him.  They truly stood as equals.  And then she became the Doctor’s intellectual equal.  That’s when she truly shined.  She and both Doctors spouting out the technobabble was fantastic!

The lowest point of this episode was when Davros tried to make the Doctor out as a creator of death machines, just like him.  That when the Doctor took a companion in, they would become the destroyer of worlds, just like Davros.  But that is so not true.  Not even in the context of the episode.  That whole scene felt forced and so very wrong.

The highest point was with the slight ridiculous, but great scene of all the companions from the last 4 series’ working together to pilot the TARDIS to tow the Earth back.  It was just really heartwarming to see them all together, smiling, truly enjoying themselves.  It was just great.  We really need a muliti-companion TARDIS crew again.  Please Steven Moffat!  For series 5!!

Now, why can’t we have a companion that doesn’t fall in love with the Doctor that will go for more than one season?  The death that Dalek Caan kept going on about wasn’t a physical death, but a psychological one.  Another cop out if you ask me.  She has to lose all her memories of the Doctor so she can live, but what kind of life can she have if she can’t know how brilliant she was?

It was a sad ending to an overall great series.  I can only hope we’ll get another companion like Donna, that won’t go all sappy on us.  I had an idea for a fanfic for the scene with the Doctor at the console after leaving Donna.  Maybe someday I’ll write it.  She’ll be missed, despite all the nay-sayers.

Over all, this series has been the best so far.  Check it out on Sci-Fi Channel, BBC America, DVD or your bittorent client.  🙂

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