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December 16, 2010

I’m not one generally for checking out mashups on Youtube, but I saw this one on Twitter and had to check it out: Doctor Who and Star Wars. It seems so obvious that you have to wonder why it wasn’t done before! It starts out like a serious trailer, with some very well done scenes before devolving into silliness, but I like silly. And after some of the things that are done in this trailer, it’s hard not to imagine it not going in that direction.

YouTube Preview Image

(via blastr)

Over in Comics, Marvel has finally made an official announcement about the CrossGen imprint. For months, since their tease at SDCC, Marvel has continued to keep fans salivating to find out what was going on. Now we know. They are bringing back Ruse and Sigil, though there seems to be some serious changes happening to the latter. It was originally a sci-fi story, but is going now toward fantasy, and will “ultimately span all of human history”. Definitely sounds intriguing. I never read the original series.The return of Ruse is awesome news though! I really enjoyed the first series, and it sounds like Mark Waid, creator of the series, will be picking up where it left off with the secret that Emma has been creating. They will start out as mini series’, which isn’t so bad. We’ll be getting complete stories at least, and maybe if they prove profitable, they will evolve into ongoing titles. Happy Days! It’s another reason to go back to the comic shop, other than Pet Avengers.

I hope this imprint works out for Marvel. It can’t all be about superheroes, and that’s what was great about the Crossgen universe. It covered all kinds of genres. and for the comics audience to expand, that just what publishers need to do.

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