(Spoilers for Doctor Who series 4 episode 6, The Doctor’s Daughter)

I’ve been a fan of Doctor Who for a long time. I started watching it on PBS when it first came to our shores with Tom Baker as the fourth doctor, was reading the new monthly mag at freshman year band camp, and was in the short lived Doctor Who Fan Club of America. I watched all the way through the 7th Doctor, watched the TV movie on Fox, and even own some of the Big Finish audios. I’ve been watching the new series from Britain through “alternative means”, and just watched “The Doctor’s Daughter” last night. Now that I’ve established by Doctor Who cred…

Where the hell does Martha get off saying that Jenny wasn’t going to regenerate?! What does she know of Time Lords or regenerations? She was with the Doctor for only one series, and has never seen a time lord regeneration. The only Time Lord she could have had an opportunity to see was the Master’s, and that happened in the TARDIS, so there’s no way that she did. One could argue that read about it in the UNIT files, but UNIT has only had on visual of a regeneration (3rd-4th), and that’s hardly enough to make one expert enough to make a diagnosis!

I totally called Jenny’s sacrifice. It was so obvious from the way the show was going. But after all the work they put into pointing out how much Jenny was like the Doctor, two hearts and all, she just had to be able to regenerate. You just knew she had to as well. Even though she didn’t technically regenerate (her appearance didn’t change, just her heart was repaired), she exhaled the golden light that has become synonymous with regenerations in this new series.  But since she’s not a naturally born Time Lord, it just took longer for the regeneration to take place.

I never warmed up to Martha.  I really couldn’t stand her falling in love with the Doctor.  But then, I couldn’t stand Rose in series 2 either.  She worked well with Christopher Eccleston’s 9th Doctor portrayal.  But all the “lovey” looks between Tennant’s 10th and Rose really got on my nerves.  While Donna doesn’t light any fires for me either, she’s at least a proper companion.  Not infatuated with the Doctor, and while not intelligent, she’s got smarts and knows how to use ’em. 

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