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I love Doctor Who. I have for decades now. I’ve never watched My Little Pony, in any incarnation however. So how is it that I find myself drawn to a crossing of the two? Simple. My youngest daughter is absolutely obsessed with My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and has told so much about it, both from the shown and on the internet, that I feel like I’m already a fan! Doctor Whooves is nothing new. The character was spotted by Bronies, MLP: FiM online fans (an earth pony with a sand dial on his flank) and subsequently named. While a few meme pictures showed up portraying his as either the 10th or 11th Doctors. But Deviantart artist Lissy-Strata has taken it to the next level and drawn ALL the Doctors as ponies, as well as companions, and a few cute strips. They are really cool! I even made one image my computer desktop!

I also like all the Derpy Hooves and Master images. 🙂

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