What is the deal with TV nowadays?  Does “edgy” mean jerks to TV executives?  What I’m specifically talking about is the show Supernatural.  For three seasons Sam and Dean Winchester have been fighting demons and all forms of evil, essentially all by themselves.  We’ve seen and heard all about demons and Hell, with not a single indication of any forces of good.  It’s been the humans all by their lonesome, making stupid deals with their enemies in an endlessly annoying circle.

This season the forces of “good” finally show up.  An angel swoops down and saves Dean from Hell.  Why?  Because the demon Lilith is breaking the seals that will release Lucifer on the Earth, and the angels are losing.  For some reason, they think Dean, the guy who sold his soul to bring his brother back to life, will be the key to stopping her.  Yeah, cause he’s made such spectacularly great decisions so far.

So, do the forces of good do anything actually do anything to help the brothers?  No.  The angel that saves Dean, Castiel, and his buddy Uriel, are complete and total jerks.  They talk about the coming apocalypse, and act more like the demons, not caring one speck for human life.  In “It’s the Great Pumpkin Sam Winchester”, the angels answer to stopping the witch from raising Samhain is to blow up the town.  Yeah, that’s a real responsible course of action.  Kill ’em all and let god sort ’em out?  In the latest episode, there is a girl that can hear the angels talking, so what do Castiel and Uriel want to do?  Kill her.  I thought that was the human/demon way to do things.

Actually, “jerk” is too tame of a word.  They are pricks.  They don’t care about the people they are supposed to protect.  Uriel can’t want to cause some destruction, or rip Sam’s heart out it seems.  You sit there and watch these guys and wonder what the hell they are doing here.  They aren’t helping.  They are no different than the demons that Sam and Dean have been fighting for the last 3 years.

I was really hoping that the too long in coming appearance of good would help save the series from it’s “evil always wins”, but now I don’t want good to win either.

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