Jenny's Journal: Dragon Drive Volume 1

Dragon Drive Volume 1

by Keniichi Sakura
Published by Viz Media
Genre: Fantasy, Game

Rating: All Ages

Grade: A


This high-schooler, named Reiji, is a video game player. He’s late to his school most of the time and his friend, Yukino, scolds him for it. One day she shows him this awesome game called Dragon Drive, a virtual game where the player is chosen his dragon and will fight other dragons for points to level up their character. His dragon is a sleepy, lazy one. He eventually calls him “Chibi” in a sudden match with this guy named Hagiwara, who seems to love Yukino. When in a situation where he would lose, he links with Chibi and Chibi levels up, and knocking out the opponent. The girl saying who’s in suspects he’s “special” and something will come out from this.


Dragon Drive is a funny manga. The character’s personalities and the drawings are nice. Chibi, the little dragon, is quite funny, not obeying Reiji’s commands. Even though he just wants to be cool, he can’t get his act together. But this is when the cool part happens; he and Chibi can synch together in tight situations. It’s a good manga, I can’t wait to read more.

What I liked about it

The cuteness factor. Chibi is.. well, chibi and the funny scenes with Reiji drooling over the point of being ‘cool’ make me laugh. It’s funny overall and it makes the reader want more. I also like the suspense of when it ends a chapter and the reader will want more. After amazing battles, Reiji wants more out of being cool with Chibi. No one believes him though, which makes it even more funny.

What I didn’t like

In general, nothing. But if I was to get picky, I’d say that Chibi leveled up too quickly, but that’s just me. Other than that, there’s basically nothing wrong about it, from my eyes anyways.

What could make it better?

Let the proccess of Chibi leveling up quickly… go a bit slower. Just a teensy bit. Even though the factor of Reiji losing 30 times levels it.. I still say make it go slower by a bit.

Is this suitable for children?

Yes, there is no mature content, no cussing, no references to sexual content. There isn’t any PG content as far as I can see, if there is, I don’t see it.

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