Krissy's Korner: Magical Pokemon Journey #1

Magical Pokemon Journey Volume 1: How Do You Do, Pikachu?
by Yumi Tsukirino
Publisher: Viz Media

Rating: All Ages
Genre: Game

Price: Only available used

Rating: ★★★★☆

What is the story about?

A new trainer named Hazel that started without a pokemon. Soon, she goes into the grass and finds a Pikachu. She trys to draw Pikachu but fails.

What did you like about the story?

I liked it when Hazel yelled at the Ekans. I loved how they drew the pokemon. I also loved how they made the Clefairy act.

What did you dislike about the story?

I hated when Pikachu was knocked out. I also hated the way Hazel drew Pikachu.

Would you recommend the story to kids your age?


2 thoughts on “Krissy's Korner: Magical Pokemon Journey #1”

  1. Online will be your best bet, unless there is a comic store near you that might have some back issues in a corner somewhere. We found this on Amazon, but you have to be careful of the prices. Some people want like $20 for one 22 page book!

    I really wish Viz would put this series out in compilation books, as well as continuing with Pokemon Adventures. They would have at least two buyers in this house!

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