Never Go Against Your Instincts

Ordering from the Previews catalog can be like gambling. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. And I lost big time. See, the problem with Previews is, I’m ordering books 2-3 months in advanced, based solely on a picture of a cover, and a brief marketing copy that meant more to entice retailers into buying than the individual consumer. When there’s a new title in the catalog, I can sometimes try and research it, if it looks like something I want, as long as the US title is the same as the Japanese (or at least close to). But often, there isn’t much to find, and I’m stuck going on instinct.

Though, I haven’t done too bad. There have been very few titles that I have bought and have later regretted. No, my problem is usually the opposite. There will be a great title, and for one reason or another, I’ll miss it. Well, I’ve realized I missed out on a really good title (mostly). Fairy Tail.

Now, while I’ll admit I was looking forward to this title being released, I didn’t expect Del Rey to hit me with a double whammy of two volumes coming out in one month. I’m cautious with my Del Rey purchases, as they are more expensive then Tokyopop or Viz. When I can get 1 1/2 – 2 volumes of the others for the price of 1 Del Rey, well, sometimes quantity has to win over quality. And that was the choice I made with Fairy Tail. I didn’t know if I would like it, and I was already running low, so I chose to only get the first volume.

And guess what? I loved it! I wasn’t even 1 /4 of the way through the book when I realized what a mistake I had made. This was a time when I should have taken the quality, because all of the raving reviews for this title are true. It is a fantastic book! It is so much fun! And now, because I went against my better judgement, I’m going to have to pay more to get these (which has become a moral imperative), than if I had just ordered them back in February.

Life is full of hits and misses. Passing up Fairy Tail was definitely a miss.

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