Early Spring Cleaning

Well, it’s January in California, and to all you people in the Midwest and East Coast, that usually means lots of cursing or dreaming of our weather.  For the Rose Parade it is usually clear but cold, and that can last throughout the month.  But not always, like this week.  We went from high 50’s the last two weeks during the day to high 70’s to mid 80’s all this week.  Since we only have two seasons (fire and rain), spring cleaning can happen at any time of the year.

Over the holidays, I finally did some clearing.  I’ve gone through my manga collection and have started to pull out titles I want to get rid of.  As much as I love the idea of having just one room of wall to wall manga, that just isn’t going to happen right now.  So, I’ve had to do a lot of soul-searching, and decide what titles I want keep and what titles need to go.    I couldn’t let sentimentality get in the way, (though in some cases I think I have).  But I thought things over very carefully, and based on re-readability, I have pulled 43 titles from my shelves.  It’s come out to be about 135 volumes of manga that I’m going to be getting rid of.

How you may ask?  Well, I have discovered a wonder world known as manga trading.  I’ve dabbled in in as you can see to the right, the page I have for Manga – For Sale or Trade.  I got the idea not just for that page, but also learned of a Yahoo Group for trading manga from Johanna Draper Carlson.  She has a Manga For Sale page, and after some correspondence with her, I learned of MangaTrade at Yahoo Groups.  From there I learned of a whole website dedicated to manga trading (and other things now), Mangatude.  That’s where I’m doing most of my trading right now, and have made some really good trades.

While, granted, this doesn’t cut down the number of manga I have that much, I am only trading for things that will fill in holes in my collection.  This will save money.  A couple of volumes media mail is a whole lot cheaper than paying full price.  And I get the satisfaction of knowing someone else who wanted to read these books will enjoy them too.  What I can’t trade, I’m going to sell, since the ultimate goal is to reduce the clutter in the house.  And as I get more series, it will be easier to let go of older titles.  For now though, this is a remarkable start for a packrat/biblophile like me.

You can check out my list of trades at Mangatude.  I also have prices listed for sales, and my page on this site is updated to reflect the new offerings.  If you are interested in trading, contact me here or at Mangatude.  I would really like to encourage people to join Mangatude if you are interested in finding more titles and are on a tight budget.  You’ll find not just older titles, but new ones too.  Some people trade just to read and then put the books right back up.  I think it’s a great way to expand a collection and take a chance on a title you might not otherwise.  A couple of bucks shipping isn’t a bad investment.  And if you know of another site like Mangatude, leave a comment and let everyone know not just where, but what your experience with it was.  Share the love.

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