Manga Drive-Bys

These are just quick impressions of manga I read during the week.  I’ll come up with full reviews some day.  The Rating scale for these quickies are as follows: Must buys, Would trade for, or Good way to waste an hour or so.

Fairy Tail Volume 5 – Gray’s past is revealed and Ezra, who came to retrieve Natsu, Lucy and Gray instead ends up helping them.  There is some awesome battle action as Natsu tries to save the villagers, Gray and Lyon continue their grudge match, and Lucy goes against a giant rat and her goth-loli owner.
Must Buy.

Rave Master Volume 2 – Haru arrives at Punk Street to find Musica the Blacksmith to fix his sword.  Demon Card is there and in control, of course, and he has to not only battle them, but figure out who the real Muscia the Blacksmith is.  This second volume seems rather bland as typical shonen fighting.  But what really made if hard to get through was the translation.  What is up with the constant cry of “Snap!”?  This book was painful to read, even though it shouldn’t have been.
Would Trade For
Translation: Epic Fail

Mugen Spiral Volume 1 & 2 – This is a two volume series about Yayoi, a powerful mystic, and Ura, the Prince of the Demon World.  Ura has come to kill Yayoi and take her power so he can become King, but Yayoi seals his power away, turning him into a cat.  Various other demons come to attack Yayoi, but Ura is always there to protect her, supposedly so he can have her power for himself, but it becomes obvious that he has feelings for her as the series progresses.  I liked the story and characters of this series, but it was just too short.  There were a lot of elements introduced that seemed to be going somewhere that were just dropped (Ura’s younger brother Ouga).  This is a title that could have and should have gone at least another 2-3 volumes.  Even though the abrupt ending is disappointing, it’s still a good read. 
Would Trade For

Millennium Snow Volume 1 & 2 – This is another two volume series by the mangaka that also writes Ouran High School Host Club.  Another comedy-shojo, this is about a vampire, Toya, who hates to drink blood, befriending a girl, Chiyuki, with a bad heart.  Toya saves Chiyuki by giving her some of his blood which cures her temporarily.  Though difficult to be around, Chiyuki accepts Toya and he joins her school.  A rival is introduced later, Satsuki, who turns out to be a vampire.  They become unlikely friends.  This is another title that ends abruptly, though not as unsatisfyingly as Mugen Spiral.  This title has a more slice of life feel to it, so even though we don’t know what happens with Chiyuki, Toya and Satsuki, nothing is left hanging.  It’s a decent read.
Good Way to Waste an Hour or So

Captive Hearts Volume 1 – Megumi Kuroshi is living a life of luxury until it is learned that there is a survivor of the Kogami family, that left him and his father their wealth.  Suzuka returns to Japan after living most of her life in China.  Megumi learns, on meeting Suzuka, that his family is cursed to serve the Kogami family.  Having not been around the Kogamis, he is not prepared for the curse kicking in, and goes overboard.  Suzuka, also not having lived with the curse, doesn’t want to accept it.  She wants to see Megumi freed from it.  She also has feelings for him, but she can’t be sure if he feels the same for her, or if it’s the curse.  The preview for this title in Shojo Beat seemed very encouraging, so I traded for the first volume.  I enjoyed the volume as much as the first chapter.  It’s a good comedy-shojo.  Megumi’s “manservant” episodes can be quite funny, and it’s refreshing to see Suzuka not take advantage of him.  But, it’s not great either.  I don’t feel any compulsion to go out and get the next volume.  The premise of ending the curse and Megumi and Suzuka’s romance is set up alright, but there’s nothing compelling about the whole thing.
Good Way to Waste an Hour or So

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  1. If you hate Rave Master so much, why do you keep reading it at all?

    Besides, shouldn’t you have a category like “A hour that I can never get back”? Seems like Rave Master would fit into that category.

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