Ask Manga Mom: Romance Complex

Stacymay asks:

Do manga have to have a complex plot? If someone is trying to write a romance manga, does there have to be fantasy and stuff in it or can it just be a love story?

Thanks! That’s a great question!

When looking at shojo or romance manga, there does seem to be a lot of fantasy themed stories.  But they aren’t all like that.  There are plenty of titles that are based in reality.  Nana, Sand Chronicles, and Honey and Clover for older readers and Monkey High and High School Debut for teens are some examples.  A well written love story is a perfect theme for a manga.

As for how complex the plot is, well, that up to the writer and the plot.  A story can have several twists and turns to keep the reader engaged, but if there are too many, the story can become too confusing.  A frustrated reader will not continue reading the story.  It’s best to keep the story relatively simple with just a twist or turn here and there to keep the reader interested enough to read the end.

Keep those questions coming!

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