Review: 07-Ghost Volume 2

07-Ghost Volume 2
By Yuki Amemiya & Yukino Ichihara
Publisher: Go! Comi
Age Rating: Older Teen
Genre: Action
Price: $10.99
Rating: ★★★★☆

Teito Klein, inheritor of the Eye of Mikhail, has found refuge from the military in the Sanctuary of the Barsburg Church.  But dark forces are conspiring to return Teito to the ruthless hands of Chief Ayanami, the manga who killed his father, when Teito’s best and only friend arrives at the church under suspicious circumstances, Teito warmly embraces him, only to discover to his horror that Mikage has been turned into a tool of the military, and is bent on capturing Teito – even if it means his own destruction.

The story continues to move along as a steady trot in this second volume of 07-Ghost.  Teito must deal with tragedy again, one that could easily break him, but with Frau and Castor’s help, he is able to find the strength to go on.  This volume introduces some new characters, while increasing the danger to Teito in his supposed sanctuary.

This volume picks up the fight that ended volume 1.  The battle between Teito and the possessed Mikage turns out to be an important battle as not only is the true identity of the villain hinted at, but Teito releases a power of his own as well.  This leads to some very touching moments as Teito must deal with the lost of his best and only friend.  His reaction is deep and very believable.  There’s no resolve to avenge and sudden surge to action.  Teito grieves, and in a way it is very moving.

One of the new characters, though he’s not so much a character as a cute mascot that these titles seem to always need, is a little, pink winged creature.  It has the same scar as Mikage, and Frau claims the same color soul.  He becomes Teito’s constant companion and the source of some comedy relief, as he can be seen gnawing on Frau when he picks on Teito.  Another new character is Hakuren Oak, an applicant for the Bishop’s test that is coming up and that Teito is intent on taking as well.  They immediately start out not liking each other and end up being roommates.  Hakuren is a bit of a jerk at first, but as roommates they must train together to pass, so he isn’t always so annoying.  The final character introduced is the Eye of Mihkal itself.  It reveals itself when it seems that Teito is in danger from Castor.  He speaks in the language of heaven, and is affected by the collar that Ayamani put on him while possessing Mikage.  The Eye apparantly likes Teito very much, and respects him as his “master”, but also possesses a great amount of power, rivally and maybe surpassing the 7 Ghosts.

This was another good volume of 07-Ghost.  The story keeps moving despite the pauses for Teito to reflect on this memories of Mikage.  It wasn’t as difficult or confusing to read this time, and a second perusal only made it more enjoyable.  It continues to ask more questions than give answers, keeping the mysteries intriguing.  There is still a lot to learn about the world of 07-Ghost and its past that is affecting its future.  I’m thoroughly hooked now on finding out what the answers to its questions are.  The balance of humor and drama is very good, sometimes dispelling a dramatic moment with its touch of humor.  I would definitely recommend this volume, especially if you got any enjoyment from the first.

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