Review: Princess Resurrection Volume 3

Princess Resurrection 3
Princess Resurrection Volume 3
By Yasunori Mitsunaga
Publisher: Del Rey Manga
Age Rating: 16+
Genre: Supernatural
Price: $10.95
Rating: ★★★☆☆

Mummies, vampires, and a ghost ship: a typical day in the life of Princess Hime, monster slayer extraordinaire.  But when her kid sister visits, Princess Hime may have finally met her match.  Now she’s facing her toughest battle of all: sibling warfare!

The campiness we saw in the first two volumes of this series starts to get toned down in the third.  The fight between Hime and her brothers goes past simply sending hordes of monsters to something more serious.  It’s not going to be all fun and games from here on out.  It’s too bad the fan service doesn’t also take a hike.

After volume 2, I was getting the feeling that this title was turning into a harem, as every new female character seems to feel some attraction to mild Hiro.  But there were no new female characters added this volume, which as far as I am concerned is a good thing.  It was getting monotonous for a while with every new girl introduced wanting Hiro.  A new Blood Warrior is introduced though.  Sherwood, Hime’s younger sister finally finds a full time Blood Warrior.  The giant panda Ryu-ryu that died while she was visiting the local zoo has now joined Sherman and Francisca.

Also in this volume we finally get to meet on of Hime’s brothers.  Up until now, we have seen or heard little of the siblings that are responsible for all the attacks on Hime and Sherwood.  The final chapter of this volume introduces Emil, one of Hime’s older brothers.  While the two siblings cross paths, neither seem inclined to fight.  In fact, Emil seems to be testing Hime, assessing her strength.  And like all the members of the Royal family, he has an android too, this on appearing to be a giant robot from the 60’s, that says “hooba” just like all the others we’ve seen.

The monsters that show up in this volume include some more classics.  A horde of mummies try to take out Hime, and a Headless Horseman causes some trouble for Riza.  Spider Bats are sent after the both the sisters, and Hime and her warriors must face a horde of zombies on a ghost ship.  The first couple of battles still have that campy feel to them.  Riza’s determination to be the Headless Horseman is pretty funny.  And seeing Ryu-Ryu walking through town to find Sherwood really made that chapter.

The fan service is still going strong as well.  It’s mild for the most part.  Reiri, the vampire, flies around in her school uniform, a dress that is always getting blown up, allowing a perfect view of her black lace panties.  And there’s the obligatory scene of Riza sun bathing, with her bikini top untied.  Tolerable for the most part.  But a scene at the end of the volume crosses the line for me.  Hime has another sister it seems.  She is being held captive in bondage with a spigot attached to her arm for easy access by her captor.  This was the final straw for me.  I can handle the light fan service, but the bondage really goes too far.  It pretty much killed my interest in reading any more.

While I can understand toning down the campiness in favor of a more serious plot, this last scene just seemed to come out of left field and left me feeling cold.  Which is a shame, since I was enjoying the title up to now.  There might still be hope for this series, if it concentrates more on the plot that cheap shot scenes meant to shock.  I might revisit it later in the series to see if there’s any improvement.

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