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St. Patrick’s Day is a decidedly American holiday that really isn’t celebrated or even mentioned outside of the US.  But that doesn’t mean there aren’t any good manga you can enjoy with your green beer and corn beef and cabbage.  Now, admittedly, some of these titles are a stretch, but in the spirit of good fun, here are some titles you might find in a pot of manga gold.

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Fairy Cube – Celtic mythology isn’t a big source of material for manga, but gothic horror mangaka Kaori Yuki delves into this mythology for this title. The world of the fae, and the Seelie and Unseelie Court, drive much of the plot of this title.  Ian Hasumi can see fairies, but since no one else can, he has been branded as a liar for most of his life.  But when his body is stolen by one of these fairies, he has to fight to not only get it back, but protect his childhood friend Rin, AND stop the fairies from taking over the earth.  The story has some really good pacing, and the Celtic mythology makes it stand out from other titles.  At 3 volumes it’s an easy investment.

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Honey and Clover – Four-leaf clovers have long been associated with St. Patrick’s Day and bringing good luck.  In Honey and Clover, it’s this variety of the plant that Hagu searches for desperately to put into a pouch for Professor Hanamoto before he leaves to go overseas.  Before long, all of the characters join her in searching a clover field for the elusive plant.  In the end they are unsuccessful, but everyone ends up enjoying themselves anyway.  This story of the lives and loves of 5 art college students is funny, happy, sad and touching, often all in the same volume.

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Happy Happy Clover – The main character of this all ages title will never have to worry about being pinched on St. Patrick’s Day by her friends!  Clover always has a four-leafed variety of the plant tucked behind her ear.  She and her other bunny friends would probably love to go on an adventure to find the end of the rainbow and the pot of gold waiting there, though the pot would be filled with berries instead of gold.  This is a great title for young readers and the young at heart.

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Clover – The main character of this title could probably use some Luck of the Irish.  In a dystopian future, the military is hunting gifted children, called Clovers, who have seemingly magical powers.  Clovers are branded with a mark that shows how powerful they are.  Sue, the protagonist, is the only known four-leaf and has been imprisoned and kept from humans so she can not be used as a weapon.  The story follows Sue and her escort Kazuhiko through the present, main story line, and through the past.  Like many CLAMP titles, this story is unfinished.  Perhaps a kiss on the blarney store could help change that.

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  1. I just love Celtic goth stories for some reason. I haven’t been able to find many but this is definitely one I’ll add to my collection.

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