Yen Plus September 2011

It’s been a year since Yen Plus went digital and things don’t seem to have changed much, at least not for the Japanese side of the magazine. It’s still meager at best, and is losing another title this month with the final chapter of The Innocent appearing. We can hope Yen Press will be able to announce something soon, otherwise having the two sides of the magazine is going to be pretty pointless.

Witch & Wizard starts the second book in the Witch & Wizard series. The ending of the last chapter is still far in the future, and a pretty cheap trick as far as I’m concerned to up the drama. For now, Wit and Wisty are still free and fighting the New Order. It’s hard to tell if the shades and their pleas are real or not. I thought it was a trick at first too, but I’m still not sure, and that’s good as far as I’m concerned. If a series gets too predicatable, it’s time to move on… Daniel X also starts a new book, the third in the series as well as getting color pages! Daniel picks up a new power, that kind of “meh” and great for hitting that reset button, which means the situations he gets into can be even more ridiculous now. No. 3 is interesting at least; Sentient fire. As a Southern California resident, where wild fires are a seasonal occurance, that doesn’t seem too far fetched a concept.

Aron’s Absurd Armarda has Aron and his crew in the thick of things, even though they have no idea what’s going on (as usual). It’s really more of the same, with jokes about Robin’s greed, and the Cook’s terrible cooking. It’s rather amusing to see Aron get all fired about about finding the person that made his mother cry. Such a mama’s boy… The newest chapter of Soulless had me LOLing! It was absolutely hysterical and I loved every panel of it! The culture clash between human and werewolf was pure comedy gold, as was Lord Maccone having to figure out how to deal with it. The parlor scene was fun too. This title just keeps getting better and better.

Milkyway Hitchhiking continues to show the king to be a horrible excuse of a human being, but the Knight finally proves her worth. Milkyway continues to be just an observer in this story, and is only seen at the end when she picks up her monolouge from the beginning of the story 2 chapters ago. This title is really starting to lose my interest… In Maximum Ride, it was good to see Fang and Max starting to talk about their feelings. Well, Fang tried anyway. The new hybrids that appear to take the kids are interesting as they have wings as well as being dogs/wolves. Who they are and who they work for will be interesting to discover… This chapter of Jack Frost reveals Siegfried’s ambitions and perhaps something about Noh-A’s father’s connection to Jack Frost. Maybe he’s not the protector Noh-A thought him to be. And what about the doll by the same name her father gave her? Is there a connection between it and Jack? These single chapters are too short to get any answers, and it’s, quitel frankly, getting frustrating, and not in a good way.

The Innocent ends with a bang, as Johnny and Whirl have on last climatic battle that Johnny ends in a way only he can. It’s a fairly happy ending. The bad guys get their just desserts, and Johnny isn’t erased from the world forever. It’s also an open ending, leaving room for more of Johnny, Angel, and their friends to return for more adventures. It also left a lot of questions unanswered, so, depending on how well it does, maybe we’ll get a chance to find out what some of these answers are… The end is closing in on K-On! Azusa is really starting to feel the pressure of being the only member of the club that will be around next year. This was another “meh” set of chapters as the girls assure Azusa they won’t be leaving the club anytime soon. They like the tea and cakes too much. all of the “cuteness” really isn’t.

Not much changes next issue, except that there is only one Japanese title. There is no Yotsuba&! again, leaving K-On the only title after the break. It really makes me wonder what is going on with Yen Press and the Japanese digitally. While the Korean/OEL side keeps going up or stays steady, the Japanese side keeps dwindling. And I can’t imagine this is doing well for the magazine, as so many people associate manga with Japanses titles. Don’t get me wrong. I love a lot of the manhwa we’ve been getting, but I’m sure there are twice as many people who don’t. I really hope Yen has something up their sleave for NYCC/NYAF.

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