Manga Xanadu Manga Dome Podcast Debuts!

I’ve finally done it. I’ve thrown the idea around for several years, but with help and encouragement from my husband, I have recorded my first podcast. In this first episode I talk about several recent news stories as well as a few manga I’ve read recently. In the future I will have more extensive reviews, and maybe even a guest or two! Have a listen. Comments and suggestions are strongly encouraged.

The First Episode!

Show Notes:

Vertical Digital Manga
Interview with Ed Chavez at Good E-Reader
Asahi Shimbun Article on Jmanga
Wondercon Anaheim
Yen Press and Dark Horse at Sakuracon
Viz Media manga app on 10″ Android devices

Manga I’m Reading:

Music courtesy of Kevin MacLeod of Incompetech

6 thoughts on “Manga Xanadu Manga Dome Podcast Debuts!”

    1. Thanks Derek. I use various sources. Manga Blog, ANN, and the people I follow on Twitter. I just pick out things that sound interesting to me, or might be interesting to other people.

      1. I’ve been using ANN for stuff like stats and weekly releases. Might not hurt to keep on eye on the release schedule of the different publishers too.

        (Not gonna lie, I was hoping you would reveal some super secret manga news site only bloggers know about.)

        1. My super-secret is cultivating a group of manga afficianoes on Twitter that post and retweet interesting articles and stories. I get some of my best stuff from there. I also just stumble onto stuff. 🙂

  1. Awesome first broadcast!! I am now going to rush through to catch up to the current podcast. That is sad to hear about the lack of manga at Wondercon.
    I think comic shops can’t invest in much manga and did not mind the big box stores handling that business, but now Borders is closed and there has been an explosion of indie titles. Many small comic book companies that were only offering 2 or 3 titles per month are now up to 12 titles per month. Vertical’s news has me really excited because of their titles and price point.

    1. Thanks for listening and then saying so! I see the numbers of people listening, but have no idea if anyone really likes it.

      While Wondercon comes off as a mini-comic con, there really weren’t that many comics dealers there either. There were lots of toys, lots of T-shirts and promotional booths. There’s a strong anime presence too, which is why I had hoped for more manga, but it was geared more towards cosplay and toys than manga.

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