Manga Dome Podcast Episode 6: Japan Sinks

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This week I review the digital-only Jmanga title Japan Sinks Volumes 1-4.

Show Notes:

Japan Sinks: The Novel
Japan Sinks Manga: Anime News Network
Takao Saito
Other Earthquake Manga

  • I got the publishing date from the Jmanga credits page which stated 2006, but a search of the web could not provide me with reliable information, so I can’t say for sure when it was originally printed. I just went with what I had at the time.

Music courtesy of Kevin MacLeod of Incompetech

3 thoughts on “Manga Dome Podcast Episode 6: Japan Sinks”

  1. Man this sounds like an awesome manga. I really wish I had been more interested in Jmanga. It really sounds like it’s just up Vertical’s alley. I am really glad you took the time to share this manga.

    1. I really enjoyed it, but I know there were other people who weren’t as enamored as I was, so it probably wouldn’t do well as a print release. I’d love ebook versions though!

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