2 thoughts on “Manga Dome Podcast Episode 7: Spice and Wolf”

  1. Another really great manga podcast. I was surprised and happy to see Zoids on the list. I think it would do great being rebroadcasted, but I am not too sure if Viz hopes to put Zoids on it’s Sticky Dot(kid’s manga) app site with Pokémon and Happy happy Clover digital manga. Please let them do Pokémon Magical Journey. Wow, I did not know it took 6 manga to cover 2 of the light novels. This manga series could go on forever 😛

    1. Zoids would be a good addition to their kids manga app. I haven’t heard much about it lately, I wonder if they have added anything lately. I too would love for Pokemon Magical Journey to go there, or anywhere actually! I wanted this available back when my youngest daughter was interested in reading it. She past the age now, but I still think it would be a great series to put up.

      The manga must really follow the light novels. I was surprised by that too. But going by the novel descriptions (haven’t read them yet, though I do have a few in the pile), it certainly sounds like the first 6 only covered the first 2 novels.

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