Manga Dome Episode 60: Get Schooled in Scans

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This week I check out the Weekly Wish List, a couple of stories In the News, the Top Ten Department including the Nielson Top 20, and talk about one idea for fighting scan and aggregator sites.

Show Notes:

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Music courtesy of Kevin MacLeod of Incompetech

2 thoughts on “Manga Dome Episode 60: Get Schooled in Scans”

  1. Believe it or not, while Japan will probably have an issue with advertising on aggregator sites, I feel the US side will have a bit more pushback on this issue than many would suspect.

    Well, I could also be wrong. That can be possible too lol

    1. Yeah, I’m sure, especially with all the show they’ve put up to fight scanlations. But it really is a losing war. I mean, when podcasts opening talk about the scans they’ve been reading, possibly making listeners think it’s a legitimate way to read manga, what can publishers do? As far as I can tell, all they can do is try to educate people, because that is really the only way get the word out. Sometimes you just gotta swallow your pride and do what’s best for the whole.

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